In the video presentation, Paul Maier described what would have been the account if Peter and the other disciples had invented the resurrection story. They, not the women, would have been the first eyewitnesses. Why is it significant that the Bible records women as the first to report Christ’s resurrection?

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      It is significant that the Bible records women as the first to report Christ’s resurrection because they were is family and shows that anybody can be a witness of Christ in their lives.

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      I will always say that Christ liberated women, for which I get strange looks. The fact is that before the Christ came to walk among us, women were certainly second-class citizens if not just considered chattel, like livestock. They had no right at all, not allowed to testify, not allowed to sit with the elders in the gate, not allowed to…well, then, Jesus came and He had many women friends. He depended on women for His clothes, His meals, His shelter and they loved Him as He loved them. His disciples, on the other hand, knew the no one would listen to women even in an eyewitness account so that putting them as those who discovered the empty tomb but be futile at best. However, because the Resurrection really happened and happened just as told and foretold, it was women, special to our Lord, who came to “anoint His body” because they were allowed to do that and hadn’t been able to before He was entombed.

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      I think this validates Jesus telling His disciples that the Gospel is for all. . .Jews and Gentiles, but also women. He gives women credibility.

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      I just said this in my last post, so maybe I misunderstood the previous question, but because the women are the first to report Christ’s resurrection AND the men believing the women, means that the events were real and true. If they wanted a good story, they would have had the men be the ones to “see” Jesus and they would have the authority and seal of a man’s word. Since the people believed the women and continued on in telling others about Jesus, the information gained was true.

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