In the video presentation, Richard Abanes said this. “The story in The Da Vinci Code is actually quite fascinating. It supposedly gives the true origins of Christianity and says that Jesus Christ was actually married to Mary Magdalene, they had a child and that the whole lineage of Jesus Christ grew up in France and intermingled with French royalty and that the descendents actually still exist to this day.” How does it contrast with the view you originally held concerning Mary Magdalene and the ministry of Jesus Christ?

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      I believe Jesus Christ takes care of all nations. I believe I am Jesus’s sister and that all people are descendents of God.

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      This conspiracy theory just tramples all over the way I was raised to know that Jesus Christ was the God-Man and the only begotten Son of God. He was born of a virgin through the auspices of the Holy Spirit. He did not marry, have children, pass on an earthly bloodline . None of what was told in Dan Brown’s book makes any sense to me. In fact, I see it as heresy in the worst form.

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      I have always viewed Mary Magdalene as a woman who truly understood who Jesus is and worshipped Him accordingly.

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      Mary was a follower who was healed from demon possession. He helped with other women to care for Jesus and his followers during their ministry

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      The perspective of “history” that Dan Brown is trying to pass off is quite different than typical Biblical accepted history. In the cannon Bible, there’s nothing that gives any notion of a marriage for Jesus. If he had been married, it would be noted by all of his disciples and early church builders, but it is not.

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