In the video presentation, Richard Abanes said this. “The story in The Da Vinci Code is actually quite fascinating. It supposedly gives the true origins of Christianity and says that Jesus Christ was actually married to Mary Magdalene, they had a child and that the whole lineage of Jesus Christ grew up in France and intermingled with French royalty and that the descendents actually still exist to this day.” Had you heard this theory before?

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      Yes, unfortunately, I have heard this theory before, not only in reading and watching the Da Vinci Code but from too many people who I have regarded as friends and even a few relatives. I denied it when I first heard it and continue to vehemently deny it today.

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      Never heard of this theory

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      No I haven’t

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      I have heard of this story before, but only because my buddy read the Da Vinci Code book. After the book became a massive seller, the next group to pickup on trying to persuade the larger body of Christ that the Bible is not truthful is/was the History Channel and Discovery Channel. Both of those channels have a secular agenda and so when the topic came out, they ran with it and had all sorts of shows that investigated the claims and even had their own historians on etc. It has not died out, but it still is not credible in my opinion.

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