In the video, Vernon Grounds said, “They previously were doubters, and they were cowards, but for now they’ve become courageous witnesses, and it was the French philosopher Pascal, who once remarked, ‘I believe those witnesses were willing to get their throats cut.’ People don’t die for a self-concocted lie. These apostles were willing to die as martyrs, not because they made up a story, but because they had met the risen Christ, and they were convinced of His triumph over death. And that fact transformed them.” Do you agree with Vernon Grounds’ assertion? Explain the reasons for your response.

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      Judith kamugisha

      I do agree with Grounds’ assertion that the disciples of Jesus were afraid before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But become strong and witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they baptized by the Hory Spirit this lead them to be willing to die with Christ.

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      I do agree with his claim. Because there were so many people who initially did not believe in Christ, but then were willing to lose their lives for this belief, there had to be some radical change. I believe that this radical change was because they had met the risen Christ. I do struggle with this a bit, however, because there have been people throughout history who die for their beliefs, which may not be aligned with a Biblical truth. But because of how all of the people here claimed to have witnessed the same thing, have the same stories and proclaimed the gospel in the same way, it does provide more validity.

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      I do agree with Grounds’ assertion that no one could be ready to lose his life with no critical reason as apostles did, it’s because were transformed from fearful to courage through resurrection of Jesus christ and baptized in holy spirit, that’s why were willing to die for the truth of Christ’s resurrection.

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      I do agree with Grounds’ assertion that the apostles were once afraid but became transformed when they witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. The life change we see in these individuals, as well as the fact that they were willing to die for their story, should support the claims they made.

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      I do agree with his assertion. I think we live among people who will go to great lengths to hold to a self-concocted lie, but to the point of death… at some point that person’s pride would have to cave and think, “this isn’t worth dying over.” You would think/hope. So, that these early witnesses and apostles were willing to die for the truth of Christ’s resurrection shows it truly happened and they knew of the glory of what they had coming.

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      I do agree with Mr Vernon Grounds assertion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ did convinced the apostles to believe that they had met the risen Christ because of the apostles being convicted by the Holy Spirit. As per Act. 1:8; Jesus said “you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the world”.

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      I do agree. These men spent 3 years with Jesus. They knew his teachings, they saw the miracles and they themselves were able to perform miracles. In the beginning I do not think they fully understood Jesus teaching about his death and resurrection. When Jesus was crucified and die they ran scared because of this misunderstanding. When Jesus rose from the dead and they witnessed him their eyes were open and fully understood. Now they fully new the truth and when the Holy Spirit came upon and gave them the power to witness, they became bold and were able to witnesses without fear of death.

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      Kevin Menear

      Yes, I do. It is one thing to follow a philosophy or a belief system. It is another thing entirely to be transformed by knowing the risen Christ. Only the power of such a conviction would allow someone to go to their own death praising their Lord.

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      I agree with Vernon Grounds because the witnesses had seen the risen Christ and because they had seen they believed it to be true plus I don’t think any one would die for a lie!

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      Yes, I agree. No one is willing to risk their lives for a lie. These witnesses experienced something real, that changed them.

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      I agree 100% with Dr. Vernon Grounds’ assertion. These men were afraid. The Bible informs us that Peter began to “curse” and “swear,” about not knowing Jesus. He did not want to experience the same fate as Jesus! However, that would change. When Jesus would raise from the dead, Peter would see Him; and like all of the others, Peter could not keep it to himself. He had to tell the world about the risen savior. That is why by the time we get to 2 Peter 2, Peter has NO FEAR of crucifixion, death, or the grave. Why? Because he had seen the resurrected Jesus. Glory to God.

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      It is a good and sound argument from a noted philosopher and as a Christian I have to support that. WE are talking about simple people who had no education and yet these people gained courage to preach what they had experienced for 3 years with Jesus and others listened, believed, uneducated men talking and preaching, and were convinced of these truths. They really had to have some extraordinary event to make that happen. That event with the first-hand accounts of Jesus’ actions allowed them to do this in spite of the threat of death! I hope I would only be so brave.

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      I agree. The followers had heard all that Jesus had taught them but now with the resurrection it all becomes clear to them. We’re they willing to die to protect a friend’s reputation or were they boldly going and sharing because they had finally seen and understood and wanted others to also believe in eternal life?

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      I agree with most of what he said. I do wonder about radical Muslim jihadists who are willing to commit suicide for what they believe. I don’t think it equates at all, but someone might use this to argue the apostle’s martyrdom.

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      Our Daily Bread
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