In the video, William Craig said, “The purpose of Jesus’ miracles was to serve as signs of the in-breaking of the kingdom of God. The centerpiece of the message preached by Jesus of Nazareth was that the kingdom of God was breaking into human history. And as signs of this in-breaking, He carried on a ministry of miracle-working and exorcisms. Healing people of various diseases and infirmities, and then casting out evil spirits. And these were meant to be signs to the people that the Advent of the kingdom of God was indeed coming in the Person of Jesus.” Do you agree with Craig’s assertions? Explain the reasons for your response.

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      Katie Haney

      Jesus was showing them what they had been told all throughout history. He showed them that he had the power of God in the form of a man. He was setting the stage of what was to come.

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      Yes, I agree. The Old Testament prophets gave some specific predictions of not only where/when/by whom the Messiah would be born, but also the ministry of signs and wonders he would commit. The miracles were fulfillment of scripture and yet another endorsement that Jesus was indeed the Christ foretold in the Old Testament.

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      Yes, I believe with Craig’s assertions. Jesus’ miracles allowed people to see what God’s Kingdom would be like. He healed the sick and rose people from the dead because His Kingdom will not know sickness or death. By driving out evil spirits, He showed that the Kingdom would not be a place for them.

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      Joseph Wilson

      Yes, this seems to make sense. The new thing was the Kingdom of God, the new covenant coming to man – the method of “breaking-in” were the miracles that Jesus conducted. New wine for new wine skin.

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      Yes I do. When we we look at the old testament prophesies they are fulfilled to the letter by Jesus ministry. The miracles were to confirm to the Jews who Jesus was and to attract the Gentiles also. Jesus ministry was trifold. He went preaching, teaching & healing.

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      Yes, I agree with William Craig’s assertions because the only way for Jesus to show that he was fully God and fully man was to put His power on display through the hands of a human.

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      Yes, the old testament talks about the miracles the Messiah would do. Healing and casting out demons, breaking into our world from the spiritual

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      I do agress with Craig’s assertions. Craig is claiming that Jesus was from the kingdom of God. Jesus performed miracles, rid people of evil, and healed the sick. All of the actions of Jesus point to the fact that He was from (and is of) the kingdom of God.

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      Yes, I believe Craig’s assertion. It says in John 20:30-31 “And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.” …that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ. That says it all right there, Jesus’ miracles were to bring forth the new covenant. It was also said that acts of miraculous activity came when God was revealing something new. In this case the New Covenant was that “something new”.

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      Craig claims that “these (miracle-working/acts) were meant to be signs to the people that the Advent of the kingdom of God was indeed coming in the Person of Jesus”, I agree that Jesus was working in a sinful world where they needed to see and even feel for themselves. Some believe without seeing or believe when Jesus says that he is the Way the Truth and the Life, but as we learned in a few lessons back-Jesus had to conquer the problem of death so that people would realize the impact of who He was and is. The miracles He performed were to reach people and to show that He is controller of all that is in nature. Many would not believe Jesus if he simply said he was the Messiah, in fact He was mocked and eventually killed for his words and miracles, but his miracles and teachings generated a “following” and the truth was revealed when he arose and showed Himself.

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      Craig argues that the purpose of Jesus’ miracles were to show that the kingdom of God was coming to earth. I agree with this as people would not have believed that Jesus was the messiah if they had no evidence or reason to believe him. Jesus needed to prove his power to the people.

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      Our Daily Bread
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