In this lecture we learned that Hebrews was written to people who were tempted to abandon their new faith in Christ. Have you ever been tempted to give up your faith in Christ? What helped sustain your faith at that time?

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      I have not ever been tempted to give up my faith. I’ve had some subtle, temporary doubts creep in over the years, but they are quickly erased by the Lords grace and power of his Holy Spirit.

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      I have been a believer for over 65 years and do not ever recall considering “giving up my faith”. There have been times when I have been pulled away by worldly obligations and interest for periods of time and did not actively live out my faith on a daily basis. During these time the encouragement and accountability provided by other Christians was a big factor in re-engaging my faith. This was always followed by repentance, prayer, bible study and a service opportunity provided by the Lord.

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      Woo seob

      I thankfully have not yet thought of giving up faith or returning to the non-Christian.

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      I have never gave up my faith in Christ but there has been many times in my life where I did not put Christ first and that led to poor decisions being made. It was through those times that I now look back on and am able to see that those trials were my being tested in my faith and although I may have failed by making the wrong choice I also prevailed by reaching out to God and other Christians and found my way back and now can tell my testimony to others who may feel that just because they sinned they can never have a relationship with God because that is not true. You must repent and live a life of obedience and it does not happen overnight and it must be done day by day.

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      No. But there are times here I questioned my faith in God and grew lukewarm about Christ

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      I have never been tempted to give up my faith.

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      I have never been tempted to give up my faith entirely, but I have gone through times when my faith was not as strong. Other Christians helped me to come back to God fully.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      I have never been tempted to give up my faith.

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      I have to say that I have never been tempted to give up my faith, but I have questioned God about a few things.

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      Yes, but my fallback Scriptures are always from Job 38:4-18, “Where were you…”

      I wasn’t there in the beginning. I have never commanded the morning and caused the dawn to know its place. I have never heard the morning stars sing together or heard the sons of God shout for joy. The gates of hell have never been revealed to me nor have I ever seen the gates of deep darkness. I don’t pretend to understand the expanse of the earth.

      But I do know the One who was there. When I lose my way, I remind myself that the One who was there chose me.

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      I have not been tempted to leave my faith in Christ since becoming re-born a year ago, although I have suffered through some times of “dwindling” fire in my soul. I feel that if I just continue diligent study of Scripture, I can regain the hot fire that I so thirst for after a certain period.

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      I have struggled with my faith, but I always fall back on one of my favorite pieces of Scripture
      Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

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      Ive given up my faith as it was merely a religious activity – Coming to faith in Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit changed everything with an understanding that it’s not about works but our faith in Christ.

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      Absolutely I have, I have slipped into many dark years due to church issues. It wasn’t until a meeting with God that I realized that my faith before was so fake and based on mind and it isn’t until the Holy Spirit moves on you that true and lasting faith comes.

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      I had given up my faith for many years and it was a total change in environment that allowed me to return to my faith

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      I have been tempted to give up my faith but through Bible study, God’s help and the help of Christian friends I was able to remain in the faith.

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      At times, when life has deeply troubling circumstances and it seems like God isn’t answering prayers, the temptation is to give up on the faith because I don’t get the answer, solution or deliverance that I want immediately. Thankfully I got was able to get through Thales times either through encouraging words from friends or the words from the Bible even though it took longer than I wanted.

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      Yes, I am tempted, as most Christians are. I pray when I am tempted.

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      Alex ow yong

      Yes, I do. I quickly turn to Him in repentance and faith. (press the stop button) His job is to fight for us and my job is to pray and trust him. Amen!

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      Yes I have. When I was first saved, someone told me that if Satin isn’t nipping at you, that means either he already has you or, you are not a threat, (not working for the Lord). What helps me when those flaming arrows come flying at me is my faith in knowing the promises my Father has made to protect me in my trials.

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      I have never been tempted to give up my faith in Christ. At times I doubt and question if “God is really there” but I have never contemplated giving up my faith all together. During hard times, I hold onto God’s promises and His hope.

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      Being cared for by believers and being overwhelmed by God’s grace.

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      Yes, there have been times where I listened to the devils lies, faith became weak during health issues. Calling on the name of Jesus, help me bring my thoughts in perspective. The name of Jesus help me remember that I am a child of God. When I cried out, the Lord turn me toward Scriptures which reminded me that God loves me and has a purpose and destiny for me.

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      Da quando ho creduto e dato la vita al Signore non ho abbandonato la fede in lui .
      non sono mancati momenti difficili e non mancano tutt’ora ma la comunione con il Signore attraverso la Sua divina Parola fortificano la mia fede.

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      Yes. When you look around a the world that you are trying to survive in and provide for your family and see all the evil prospering. Maybe not “evil” but non-believers that are prospering in a way that you do not understand. Thoughts come to mind that maybe this way of life is not the best way to make it in this life. But then you have to remember that that is exactly what Satan wants you think. Our treasures do. It lie in this life but in the next.

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      Yes. I’ve been there. During the hard seasons when only bad things seem to be happening in my life. And my daughter’s. Constantly it seems. Without pause. Relentlessly even. I’ve had so many dark, sad, miserable days. With no end in sight. I keep hoping that things will get better. And sometimes I’m tempted to give up. I question His existence. But I’ve never not had Him in my life. I don’t know how to exist without Him. I don’t want to live without Him. I want a close relationship with Him. So I hang on to the faith that I do have.

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      I have never been challenged enough to give up my faith, but I have been angry with God and had to really search for His presence.

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      many times I have been tempted to go back to my old life and ways of living, it has only remembering the love God has for me, and the love of Jesus that I am still walking this journey

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      I have never been tempted to abandon my faith though there are moments in my life where I was not mature enough to understand many things of the spirit. What has over the years sustanined me is the curiosity to learn more about the Lord and his calling for our salvation. Also personal expereinces and breakthroughs have alos emboldened my faith on our Lord Jesus Christ.

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      Hebrews was written to people who were tempted to abandon their new faith in Christ. I was once tempted to give up my faith in Christ during my early stage of Christianity. I remember getting saved at a Christian music concert in Richmond, Virginia. While attending the concert, I knew Jesus was real and my spirit was connected to the spirit of God. The atmosphere was saturated with the Holy Spirit leading the way to salvation. I was worshiping God freely. My heart was increasing with joy, my burdens were lightened, and my mind was filled with a since of wanting more of Jesus.
      When the concert ended that night, a few days later, I returned to my college campus in Petersburg, Va. While walking on campus and practicing my normal college routine, I did since the same spiritual atmosphere I experienced at the concert. I realized I was not strong enough on my own to resist the temptations that surrounded me. Therefore, I slipped into some of my old ways even though I new it was not the right decision. Eventually, God allowed me to be in the company of a few people who were speaking of a Bible study held on campus once a week. I joined the Bible study group and was on my way to a successful Christian walk with Christ again.

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      Yes, more than once. What sustained me was mostly the truth found in the Word of God plus a few faithful friends who stayed with me.

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      Over the past few years I have had quite a few serious health problems that have affected my relationships with my family, friends, work, and, most of all, my faith. Surgeries and hospitalizations encompassed my months with no end and no answer in sight. I questioned God why he would put me through so much pain and why he couldn’t help my doctors find an answer. I turned away from my faith and fell into a hole. I ignored my family and friends, and lived my life questioning why. A friend of mine from high school sent me a message that was so simple but strong in faith and hope. She pulled me out of the hole and helped me find reason and clarification in my struggles. My faith, my relationships, and my work all rebounded and are stronger than ever. I believe Christ came to my friend and told her she needed to help me. Sometimes God speaks in a whisper… Thankfully I finally listened, and I am healthy and happy again.

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      When my father died in 2012 I found myself broken . And as I returned home from his homegoing service. I open his Bible and it was turned to 1 Corinthians 15:50-58. And in verse 50 it said flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. My father wrote in his own words above verse 50 , I’m going home another way. This not only comfort me , but it strengthen me. It plugged the hole in my heart and restored my hope. Because I have God’s promise in John 3:16. know this I know everything is going to be alright.

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      At unversity, I was tempted to give up my faith because of how my flatmates and classmates treated me. They made fun of me for not participating in immoral activities. I found a lovely church community that provided fellowship and community with like minded students.

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      Our Daily Bread
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