In this lesson, Dr. Blomberg briefly describes both a “hard legalism” and a “soft legalism.” How would you characterize the “soft legalism” he describes? Do you have a list of dos and don’ts for yourself and/or for others?

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      Soft legalism is not a list of good works that are required to be saved. I think in some respect it is referring to the good works that follow as a result of salvation. I don’t have a list of do’s and don’ts for myself or for others.

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      “Soft legalism” comes from the thought that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Christians sometimes have a hard time understanding the nature of God’s grace and mercy and that can produce in their minds the “need” for a list of dos and don’ts. In our human nature, we are ingrained with the idea that gifts are given because we earned or deserve them. Salvation is a gift from God that we can not earn because we will never be good enough for it. I often want to judge others by some standard that I have either picked up through bad teaching or just plain self misinterpretation of Biblical truths and sadly try to impose on others because I either apply it to my own life or use it to potentially cover my own sin and deflect the attention away from myself. “Judge not lest you be judged” by the same measure. It is sad that we want to make ourselves look better by putting a list of dos and don’ts on others.

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