In this lesson, Dr. Blomberg discusses Jesus’ blessing of the little children and how He uses the occasion as an opportunity to teach about how one must enter the kingdom like a little child. What kinds of “childlike” characteristics is Jesus referring to? Why does Jesus value these qualities? Do you know anyone who demonstrates such characteristics? Explain.

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      We are supposed to ask questions when we don’t understand, be content with what we have, not holding grudges. These characteristics is how God intended for the world to be. I think of little old ladies at church. They all seem to have these kind of characteristics.

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      Kids are innocent, there kind, love everybody, and desire to learn more about things. Jesus values these qualities because they are pure they really haven’t been exposed to all the bad stuff out in the world, and they desire to learn more about him and they will grow up learning and spreading His word because that’s what they grew up on and they find that fun. Newborns they havent been infected by sin yet they are perfect .

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      The childlike characteristics is to be trusting in God. Jesus values these qualities because they open us to having faith in God. Yes, my first grade students demonstrates the characteristics and I always learn from them.

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      Childlike is to have great transparency. Watch a child as they set their mind to something and see that “light bulb” moment when they come to an understanding. They have received, contemplated and understood. Not that they would not “test” their understanding, but that would further reinforce what they have come to know. A child will not immediately throw up barriers without giving pause to consider. Jesus wants us to be open to the the knowledge of the kingdom, because then we would open to receiving the kingdom.

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      Children are usually upfront with their feelings and trust easier than adults. Through the various circumstances of life, adults can become skeptical and jaded thus inhibiting their abilities to trust easily and be honest. Jesu looks for those that will trust Him with their lives and are willing to deal with their issues in life honestly and openly with Him.

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      Childlike characteristics like relying on others, being vulnerable, trusting and releasing self in Christ. It’s easier for adults to surrender to Jesus with Childlike characteristics. The prayer warriors and worship leaders have these tendencies especially when fully in tuned to the Spirit of God.

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