In this lesson, we learn four lessons from King Asa. Choose one of these lessons, explain it, and then describe how you or someone you know has either employed or failed to employ this lesson in life.

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      Lesson: Good leaders make decisions to break the cycle that was before them.
      In our current ministry, it began with a cycle that needed to be broken. As my husband took over leadership he changed the way things had been with past leadership. The consequences were difficult but with God on our side the church has become healthy instead of weak.

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      Principle – No problem is too big for God. My personalty desires for me to be “in-control” of situations and circumstances. Couple this with that fact that my work career focused on fixing process and organizational problems. The result is often a person who has difficulty turning problems over to God and just letting him “drive”. We are going through a major lack of unity problem in our church. My actions clearly show that I felt “God needed my help”. I took several less that wise actions with my Christian brothers and sisters trying to fix the problem and spent many sleepless nights worrying. Then I realized that the church is both Christ’s body and His bride and that He is fully able to defend the Church and He loves it more than I do. I began focusing on my personal walk with the Lord. I focused on more and better prayer, praising Him more and spending real time in the Word. An old hymn became my rally cry, “Trust and Obey For There’s No Other Way To Be Happy In Jesus But To Trust and Obey.” I prayed for humility and as i get in condition to serve I am beginning to see God use me in His battle rather than to feel that God needs my help.

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      The last lesson of king Asa resonated with me. In that lesson king Asa removed the quean mother from her position. The reason he did this was because she was worshiping false idols and potentially leading the nation astray through it. This was an extremely difficult decision because not only was he removing a high ranking official. Not only could it have caused turmoil for his kingdom. But the person he removed was also his own flesh and blood.

      While I haven’t seen this situation to that depth of intensity, I have witnessed it in a church. Removing of a senior pastor who had gone astray. In doing so saving the church that was quickly dwindling from his firm grip on every aria of the church. Probably just like with the quean mother it was causing an atmosphere that was contrary to that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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      No problem is too large for God.
      I do not feel like I am in a leadership position. Yet I am as part of my family. I have not been a very good leader for much of my life. I have felt unfit for leadership and have had an inferiority complex. That being said, I still found/ find myself put into leadership positions or situations. I feel like I have been a failure in this aspect of my life. I know that nothing is too difficult for God and everything is in His timing. I feel and hope this course and its lessons will help me to embrace the leadership opportunities that God places me in.

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      Asa didn’t take on the battle he told God I’m doing just what you told me to do so these army’s coming against me are your problem not mine so handle it an God did just that . A while back a co worker stated calling an texting me about my work it took me aback because the only issue I had with her was coming to work late she called out name but I decided I wasn’t going down that road with her I told myself your a child of the Most High an He fights for you I prayed for an her family spoke blessings over her no matter how she treated me kindness was shown God soon moved her on her way the battle belongs to God

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      When you have courageous leadership, God attracts others to you. There have been times where I have taken youth to summer camps and youth from other youth groups have come to me for advice because of my courageous leadership that is all based on my relationship with God. With God on your side, you can be courageous. As Joshua was encouraged by the Lord to be strong and courageous and we can be too.

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      Putting God first and trusting in him with all my heart and not leaning to my own understanding is the key to success. King Asa trusted God for the victory , and so should we.

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      Leaders must put principles above personality or politics. I’m thankful to work with leaders right now who put this into practice. It can be easy to be the people pleaser, to be the nice guy, and not stand firm on the Godly principles our school is built on, but there are leaders here that are willing to make the hard choices, even if that means not making the popular decision.

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      When surrounded by enemies, leaders must rely on the Lord.
      This lesson is about realizing that when you are surrounded by people you are at odds with or who are wanting to destroy you that you can not rely on yourself. You must humble yourself and turn it over to the Lord. There is NO problem we can ever have that the God who created everything out of nothing can not handle.
      There have been many times when I have tried to rely on my own strenghts and wisdom to work things out with someone I was at odds with. The vast majority of times I only ended up making things worse. When I would finally humble myself and turn it over to God He would work it out in His own time and the relationship would be put right again.

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      The lesson I will be examining is , “When surrounded by enemies, leaders must rely on the Lord.” In this lesson the reader learns about God’s soverenigty and how even in times of trials, we must put all of our faith in God. In these “scary moments” is it easy for me shift my faith from God to myself. The illusion that “it is best for me to be in control” takes overs and the road to victory ends up getting delayed until I turn my eyes back to Christ and His plan. For example, about one year ago my mother passes away. It was, and still is, a painful and difficult season to navigate through. In the moments I fail to embrace God’s grace, my unhealthy coping mechanisms take over. I find myself falling victim to the things that are supposed to bring comfort, when really they only numb the pain. Regardless of my choices, God is at work marvelous things. During my season of grief God has strengthened friendships from the past and brought new ones in, He has shown me unconditional love through my children, and strengthened my marriage to an immeasureable degree. Thus, to my future self when faced with a storm, remeber God’s promises and soverenigty. His ways might not make sense, but ultimately they bring true healing and blessings.

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      Leadership is a difficult and sometimes stressful process. During the times when we are at peace with conditions, it is easy to sit back and rest. We need to use peaceful times to build.

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      I love the lesson about having courageous leadership that God uses to attract others to you. I see that in my brother who is the Pastor of our church. Covid took people out of church and put them into their homes. Then we opened back up for in person services, and many people were/are still scared of the virus. Yes, we have all the protocols in place, but the fear of the media has whipped some people up into a frenzied fear. Funny how they can take their family to other activities and places, but church remains off limits to some. So, a few months ago, he began preaching on coming back. I could see and hear God’s direction as he spoke, and little by little they are coming back. But, not just the older members, but new people are coming! God will bring them in if we are faithful.

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      Courageous leadership, God attracts other. Some time because of fear losing people we tend to be flexible and become people pleasing not truth telling. This lessons really inspired me.

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      All these lessons resonate on a personal level. I would have to say that lesson 11:No Problem Is Too Large For God is a very true statement indeed. My faith in action is witnessing God’s hand in the sometimes insurmountable issues I face. Recognizing Him, His Redemptive Love, His Delivering Hand, His Acceptance of my repentance by offering Forgiveness, and His Sanctification to me for a new life in Christ. I sometimes struggle wondering how or when God will show up, come through, and make a way. Yet, reflecting back, there is always a miracle. Unexplainable. Undeniable. God sees, God knows, God does a thing. All The Time, He Is Good.

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      King Asa used his time of rest to build up the defenses and infrastructure of his land he was responsible for. He used this time to both build himself and his world up. I realize I have not intentionally or purposefully used my time of rest to build myself or my world up. I think if I have in any way, it was done indirectly. I realize I am still in this time of rest. I need to build up both the defenses and infrastructure of my own life and my world directly and purposefully.

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      One of the lessons from King Asa is that there are no problems too significant for God. Whenever I encountered problems in our lives, for example, a challenging assignment was given by the Board or my children’s educational problems; I would pray for divine intervention. I believe that God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So, we will not fear when earthquakes come, and the mountains crumble into the sea.

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