In this lesson, we learn that even though the Bible was not written to us, it was written for us. Do you agree with this statement and how does it change, if at all, how you study and understand the Bible?

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      I agree with the statement that the Bible was not written to us but it was written for us. This puts into exact words of how I have looked at the Bible for many years now. Although we were not living when the different books of the Bible were written they all have a message for us on how we should live, look at others and most importantly how we should look at God. Although there are a few passages, sentences or parts of sentences that are hard if not impossible to apply to modern times when taken in context on the passages surrounding them we can always “gleam” lessons from that section of the Bible.

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      I agree with the statement. The statement is a simplified way of summarizing a lot of theology. It also highlights the need to dig deeply into even the most seemingly irrelevant biblical material in the hope of coming up with all that God would have us know and do.

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      The fact That the Bible was written for us and not to wash does not change how I study the Bible I’ll I’ve always believed it was written for us and that God inspired the entire Bible

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      I understand what is meant, but think it is true with limitations. The Bible was written to a specific group of people within a specific part of the time-space continuum. This communication was preserved, by God’s design, for the current and future Church. Agreed. However, knowing that God is the true author of the Bible and knowing that He is sovereign to account for every detail and its implications, not just for the current age, but the one to come, I do believe that He inspired with us in mind as well. All of God’s action is not recorded in the Bible. However, what is is done with intention. It was done to communicate to those who would gather to hear it read from scrolls and to communicate to us (whom He had in mind from before the foundation of the world). Remember, this is God we’re talking about. Our ways of conceptualizing text construction and author’s purpose are limited…But, what if we thought about this in light of God’s nature and intentions…

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      Absolutely, the Bible was written to and for us. I understand through reading, discussing with others and studying it through different Bible studies.

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      I agree with this statement and it does not change how I study and understand the bible.

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