In this lesson, we learned that the believer needs spiritual instruction. What would the Christian life be like without teaching on how to live it?

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      We would live a worldly life and not one conformed to the teachings of Jesus.

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      It would not look like the Christian life. I would look much like the world and much like we did prior to salvation. We would have no idea how the “new man” was supposed to behave. Most likely we would “do what is right in our own eyes”, lean on our own understand and fall into the trap described in Proverb 14:12 “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

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      Without those instructions on Christian living from the epistles, we’d each come up with our own understanding of what is Christian living, and that will not be God’s will for our lives. There would be no Christians at that point.

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      Without having the Word of God and the teachings then we would be in self. Each person would have their own idea of how to live a Christian life and being human they would say that their way was the right way but by being taught through the Word of God we see that God has a plan and teaches the way to live a Christian life in a unified way and that is why we are saved by grace so that no one person feels superior to another.

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      Without teaching, we wouldn’t know how to love a Christian life. We wouldn’t know the expectations. Everyone would have different ideas and viewpoints.

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      How would we know if we were doing it correctly otherwise? We would be depending on ourselves to figure it all out, and that isn’t God’s intention for us at all.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Without the manual, we’d all just be doing what feels right, which would definitely lead us away from God’s intention.

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      It would be a life with no direction

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      A life without instruction would be chaotic; each of us doing what is right in our own eyes.

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      It would be lonely and incomplete. We are the body of Christ, and are to teach and encourage one another for God’s glory. No one is complete with the gifts and abilities of God’s church. We must rely on one another to serve God well together as a body, which includes teachers teaching the church and younger members and believers learning from those who are more mature.

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      Each person would live their life according to what they felt was important.

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      We would be free to interpret the gospel according to how we felt was the truth.

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      Many of the issues and problems encountered related to living in the flesh as opposed to living under the direction of the Spirit.

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      We would be no better than those who do not know Christ as their savior if we had no instructions on how to live

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      Most of us do not hear the voice of God to instruct us, so the epistles are God’s Word to us on how to live for Him.

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      We would be mired down in sin, disunity, fighting, gossiping, backbiting, etc. and would be missing out on all the blessings that God wishes to give us. Our Christianity would be fruitless and unrewarding. Without these teachings on how to live a Christian life each Christian would be living his/her life as they thought was right to them and not necessarily right to God.

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      Without instruction on how to live the Christian life, the believer would probably make the mistake of trying to be acceptable by means of a mixture of faith and works, instead of walking in the Spirit. The gospels frees a believer from the burden of the law and makes him or her obedient through love.

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      It would be caos. Humans need order and rules.

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      Alex ow yong

      It’s a manufacturer’s guide for us on how to live a Christian life.

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      If there were no teachings on “how to live a Christian life”, then it would become a free for all and no accountability would exist. All “Christians” would live according to their own set of rules and apply subjective principles to their everyday living. What one person believes to be “moral”, might be considered “evil” by another. If a set of instructions did not exist, then there would be no way to judge good from bad.

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      Chaos. Life would be in complete disorder and confusion without being taught how to live the Christian life.

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      Instruction is important for us to complete the work of the Great Commision! e have to be able to spread our Faith through the instruction we receive and therefore give to others.

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      L insegnamento della Parola di Dio è il vero cibo per vivere la nuova vita in Cristo.
      senza insegnamento si condurrebbe una vita “carnale”ossia contraria alla vera vita nello Spirito

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      Believers needs spiritual instructions to keep us on the path of righteousness. Without instructions, you are lost as a believer. You will began to waver in faith, lose connection with God and walk according to the flesh.

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      Satan could find ways to deceive us. We need the words in the Bible to give us strength on how to live.

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      It might be chaotic and unbalanced. People trying to live the Christian life would probably be self righteous and judgmental. We would follow our own direction on how to live a Christian life. It wouldn’t necessarily be the Godly way. It would be the human way.

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      Without some type of instruction into the Spiritual living, we as mere humans would fail into total lawness. What I mean is that we would have so many laws guiding our path the “righteousness” that we would never see the light that is right in front of us.

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      Spiritual instruction to the believer is essential. Paul’s addresses this issue in a number of his epistles because this leads to spiritual growth and maturity in believers which in turn leads to strong and powerful fellowship(body of Christ).

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      Believers need spiritual instruction. What would the Christian life be like without teaching on how to live with spiritual instruction?
      The Bible is a book of basis instructions before leaving earth. The basis instructions set forth in the Bible are for the believers to obey in order to live a successful life in Christ Jesus. These instructions are also given to us as to carry out as an example for nonbelievers to witness as a testimony that Jesus is the Son of God who lives in us. God uses these instructions also as an example of His love. The Bible states that others will know that we are true children of God through our love for Christ and others.
      God is love and everyone who knows God should be able to display His love on a daily basis.
      Therefore, without teaching on how to live with spiritual instruction, it would be difficult to identify or separate the Christian believers from the nonbelievers. The Christians would blend into the problematic worldly system instead of standing out as a solution to the challenges or problems facing our society.
      Let’s live like Jesus and shine for all the world to see. Let’s read the instructions and follow them.

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      Frustrating is the word that comes to my mind.

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      In order to withstand the trials of life, we must have a spiritual foundation.

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      We learn how to live life from people around us. In order to believe one must learn how to. God’s messages are often small, like a whisper, so it’s important to learn how to hear them. It’d important to allow the Holy Spirit into our body because it acts as the ears and the mouth… we listen and pass on our knowledge… When we have the Holy Spirit in our hearts we become teachers of faith. If we didn’t learn how to let the Holy Spirit guide and teach us we would be lost, without guidance, and the world would not have faith, grace, love, or compassion.

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      Living a Christian life without spiritual instruction would be very difficult. Some may even fall out of faith quickly. Without instruction, we wouldn’t truly understand how to walk in faith and see the abundance available to us.

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      Our Daily Bread
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