In this lesson we learned that the Israelites complained a lot during their time in the wilderness—they weren’t satisfied with God’s provision. What can you learn from this that could help you process life’s difficulties more effectively?

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      We should wear our armor of God daily.

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      To trust in God more. What I think of as needs are really wants. God provides for all my NEEDS.

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      So often we complain about our lot in life, because of our unlearnt selfishness. We forget the goodness of God and our blessing knowing Him, compared with unbelievers who face the same challenges, yet they are without hope. We should always reflect on the bigger picture that God has promised to overcame the world and all its evil, and to deliver us into a new earth, free from the trials of this world. We should also remember the promise that suffering produces character, and God does not desert us during difficult times.

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      Until i faced difficulties i understood God grace and goodness in my life, so i stop taking for granted the things that I have and enjoy them and in a very grateful way and submitted to God grace and mercy.

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      I should be satisfied that God will provide for me even when I suffer hardships. Difficulties are part of life on earth and complaining to God will not help the situation. I should pray that I overcome the difficulties with grace.

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      Our Daily Bread
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