In what ways can a person “minimize” Jesus today? How have you seen this happen? What does God want from people instead?

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      Gildas ange clyve

      A person can “minimize” Jesus today by pretending that Jesus is not God but just a good man and teacher, a simple miracle-performer. They can also minimize Jesus by putting their doctrines above Jesus’ teachings. This happens today with some cult leaders who promise to provide a good life to those who will follow them and obey their teachings.
      God wants from people to turn away from their sins and believe in Jesus for their salvation.

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      Their response to Jesus is “I am ok with Jesus, We have it all worked out. I know who he is<” These minimize His being God and expose Their real beliefs.

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      People minimize Jesus by making him appear as just a very good person. People also tend to act like they are Jesus and that his followers belong to them. God wants people to put their faith and trust and obedience into their actions and come into a relationship with him.

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      People minimize Jesus all the time. I used to be Catholic and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but the Catholic is continually minimizing Jesus today. God wants people to know and believe in what Jesus did for us

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      What I have seen is people who are “doing the work of God” get so caught up in the “work” that they fail to truly do what God has called them to do. It is not to say that they have intentionally done this, but they are so fixated on “saving souls” in a distant land that they are not able to see opportunities to expand God’s kingdom nearer to home.

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      I have seen very committed missionaries that do not seem to have the love of Christ for others and their children because they are so busy completing the ‘work of God’. The work of being a missionary should primarily to share the love of Jesus with others and it seems to be secondary to whatever agenda people seem to take on, particularly when they are labeled as missionaries.
      The same goes for the rest of us ‘non-missionaries’ who can get too caught up in doing the work our way and not loving people or seeing opportunities to love them along the way.

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      We minimize Jesus any time we doing things for appearances sake, or because we think we can do or become Jesus. We try to take control of things in our own understanding. We see this happen any time someone ways they don’t need Jesus, they will take care of it themselves, as if they know better. God wants us to trust that Jesus paid it all and that we own nothing more than to trust God for our all in all. He wants our hearts to be steadfast on loving Him and having a relationship with Him. God wants us to acknowledge our sin and accept his payment for that sin. When we do, we will accept His love and will trust that He is all we need.

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