In what way(s) do you take your spouse for granted? How can you change this?

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      A way I take my spouse for granted is not being present when they are speaking to me. I seem to be more focused on the details of tomorrow than I am on her. I can change this by using the technique of just stopping, sitting down, and having coffee together. To spend the time with her and focus on her and her concerns.

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      I often take for granted that my wife understands how I feel about a particular matter going on in my life. I often undervalue her ability to be strong in the face of adversity. I take for granted that she doesn’t need me to reaffirm her. I take for granted that she knows I love her. I often take for granted the smallest gestures that make a difference in the morning like how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? Is it anything we need to pray about immediately before starting the day? I take for granted that our friendship, intimacy and marriage will just grow with time and not intentionality of effort.

      I can change this by asking the Holy Spirit to help me to dwell with my wife in knowledge and expose those areas that I am blind to that make the difference in my wife’s life. In addition, I need to take the focus off of myself and place it more on my spouse’s needs. At my age, I still have some growing to do in the area of self- centeredness. More importantly, ask my wife how I am doing in the areas that matter to her the most and not be offended by her honesty even when it hurts.

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      My husband is an awesome provider. He takes pride in making sure my needs are met and most of my desires. I find it easy to take for granted when you have never had that experience in your life. I can change this by acknowledging when he does make talk for small talk and about things that are important to me. I can be less critical when he is in his “Me Time “ mode. I can plan ahead. Time that is inclusive for us and not so much on the day to day things. I also can change my attitude when he does not make time.

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      I take my husband for granted when it comes to doing the heavy jobs around the house. I could offer to help.

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      Take their spouse for granted when one does not consider how decision effect them and this can change by asking their opinions more. Let’s go for date meeting

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      I decide to plan to do things without telling her. Weekly schedule meeetings would help this and just checking with her before deciding to plan something that does not include her.
      I do not listen to her when she is talking to me. Stop what I am doing and focus on what she is saying.

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      I think business is not a good reason for any couple to make decisions indepently instead of consulting each other. Efficiency is no replacement for partnership.

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      I often take my husband’s sacrifices for granted and can better appreciate them by simply acknowledging them.

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      Stephanie Havenski

      I expect him to be able to read my mind on somethings. And when he does do extra things, I have sometimes never complemented him on it. He is always there no matter what, and takes me completely as I am. I feel that is taking him for granted, and not giving him the proper created he deserves.

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      I have a hard time thinking that he can change to be more attentive, especially to details. He does a great job providing and taking care of the cars. I am afraid to ask him to do these with me as he has not been interested in any counseling areas. He is more sensitive than I give him credit for and I am grateful for that growth. How can I change this? Spending more time thinking about him and not be disappointed if he does not do so with me. The other day he did the dishes and I did not notice because there was a lot left that I had to do. I need to appreciate what he does do.

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      In numerous ways. I am a easy going person. So you understand that I don’t make a lot of fuss of nearly nothing, This is now killing my marriage after nearly 40 years. Until now I am very satisfied with this study, because it is helping me correcting my ways of dealing with my marriage and wife. I have to admit it is not a easy task, but I have decided to change my attitude and behavior in regard to my wife and marriage, with the help and depending on my Lord and Savior.

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      I think this is a little bit difficult for me, because I have promised several times that I want to change but after some months I started behaving in the same old ways.

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      That he is going to be here forever. I could stop and enjoy everyday and be thankful for the time spent.

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      A person can take their spouse for granted when one does not consider how decision effect them and this can change by asking their opinions more.

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      I think I take my husband for granted when he works to help support our family. I get real focused on all the house chores and cooking that needs to be done. Additionally I’m also focusing on not having seizures and adjusting my life w a mildTBI. With all I deal with, I neglect to ask my husband how his day at work turned out . Or I don’t praise him for enough for working and thank him

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      It’s a terrible thing to think you can finish another person’s sentences.

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      Show him more appreciation for maintaining spiritual support and home functioning while i work doubles.

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      This lecture has revealed to me that I do take my husband for granted at times. I do appreciate my husband and I often tell him this but our time together has been compromised by busy schedules, family and other activities. Unfortunately, we do tend to give each other the left-overs of our days. as a couple, we plan to implement the idea of scheduling time each week to focus on improving our marriage and on just being with each other.

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