What did you identify as your reasons for taking this course? Why did you select those? How would you state an overall goal for wanting to study the Bible better?

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      Charles Ross

      Know God Better, Better understand the bible, Be able to breakdown scripture better, To have better teachings for bible study. the reason I selected those are because those are the most important reasons to me at this time in my life. I will complete this course and have a better understanding of how to study the bible.

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      I am always looking at ways to get more out of the Word of God, so learning more about studying the Bible will help me grow deeper in my faith.

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      Alex ow yong

      BIBLE is manual and compass to me. Will certainly do much harm without following the instructions in the manual and will be off-track without a compass of where I am going.

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      To understand God’s word and what is expected out of me as his child.

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      To learn how to study the Bible better and more completely. I have been a Christian for a long time and one thing I have learned is that you never stop learning. I’ve learned to be more open to different ways of studying the Bible. I also want to be able to help other Christians learn how to study the Bible more completely so that they can get the most out of their Bible study.

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      To learn how to study the bible and understand what it is teaching me. To have a relationship with the Lord and draw closer to Him. My religious history is Mormonism and Jehovah Witness. Very little Christianity. Have only been a Christian for a year and half. With that background, I am always wondering if I am be taught correctly. This why I want to learn from the bible for myself.

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      I want to study the Bible to know God better and grow as a Christian. I have been a bae for way too long in my Christian walk and it is now time for me to mature. The only way to do that is to learn about God and what He says in His Word.

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      My reason is to develop a structure to a more meaningful study of God’s word. I don’t just want to read the Bible when I have the time, or read it like a novel in my spare time.
      I want to study to show myself approved 2nd Tim 2:15

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      I am taking this class because I want to be able to understand the Bible and I want to learn how to witness to people. I can’t witness of I don’t know what the Bible says

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      Karen Bosch

      I want to know more about the Bible so that I can share with others and feel confident that I understand the meaning and understand God‘s word

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      Contribute more to a Bible study group you participate in?
      Learn to live by God’s teachings?
      Learn to know God better?
      Learn more about biblical history?
      More effectively share your faith with skeptics or unbelievers?

      I selected these because I want to learn more about sharing the Bible to others and to my kids. My overall all was for the Glory of God!

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      I would like to take this course for spiritual growth purposes. I would like to grow in my relationship with the Lord and get to know Him better in an effort to be the best Christian I can be.

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      My overall goal for taking this course is to reinforce my foundational understandings of WHY it is important to study the Bible and how one ought to do so, in preparation for teaching others how to lead women and children in the study of God’s Word. My purposes cannot be constrained to discrete categories, i.e. academical or devotional. I think the Bible ought to be read on its own terms and so the question is first: “What are the purposes for which God has made His Word available to us?” After answering this question, the next need is to identify which modes of engagement with the Bible allow for me to access that purpose. I cannot nourish my soul (engage in proper devotional reading) in the absence of truth. And truth will be obscured from my sight if I do not properly read the text, i.e. paying attention to context, author’s purpose and craft, literal and inferential meanings that would have made sense to the native audience and then principles and or insights the Lord wants for me to apply to my specific and unique life, along with the counsel that belongs to everyone. They go hand in hand.

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] Any verse can be taken out of context, and therefore misinterpreted. Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorite verses, but in order to understand what it is really saying, you need to know what Paul said before this.

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] So many ways! sometimes a minor passage is taken out of context and quoted to make it a major point standing on it’s own Romans 8:28 is used as a great comfort (which it is) but it is actually part of the larger “proof text” assuring us that God’s plan and is good!

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] Non-woman pastors, misinterpreting the gift of speaking in tongues as salvation

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] We see many scriptures on t-shirts and coffee cups that are wonderful words of God. However we find that the story or meaning before and after the scripture can be completely out of context.

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] The story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, recorded in John 6:1-15, has been used repeatedly to teach children how they should share as the boy in the story “shared” his loaves and fish.

      Years ago, in reading Larry Richardson’s Creative Bible Teaching, I was introduced to the principle that children should be taught the gospel as a means of salvation, rather than taught rules for living without a gospel context.

      He used this story and its conventional use to illustrate the error he was highlighting.

      Honestly, up to that time, I had accepted the rule-keeping convention as if it were healthy and justified.

      Richardson stated that this is a story that demonstrates the miraculous power, demonstrated in Jesus, to supply our needs beyond all human-based ability.

      As I later studied the story, I saw it is also an illustration of how people often do not understand Jesus’ actions and purposes. The people in His time tried to make Jesus a king, so He had to secretly slip away. Then later they sought Him out to get more bread, rather than recognizing that He is the spiritual Bread from Heaven.

      This story is a perfect opportunity for teaching children the essence of the gospel message that offers to us Jesus as the source of spiritual and eternal life. The story should be used in this way as it was intended.

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      [In what ways have you seen a Bible passage distorted by being quoted out of context?] Mostly passages that deal with homosexuality, foreigners, and slavery, to name a few. I have heard people take verses that deal with those subjects and twist them to fit their idea of what is right and not God’s. Also, I have heard passages about God’s love and salvation be twisted as well to fit what that person wants to get across and not what God is actually saying.

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      Our Daily Bread
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