In your leadership role (in your family, church, workplace, community, etc.), are you aware of any established bad patterns or cycles? If so, what steps are you currently taking to break this pattern; or what steps do you think you could take as a result of having viewed this lesson? Explain how these steps are helping or will help in the future.

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      A bad cycle: thinking too much about pleasing people.
      Remedy: Be more courageous to communicate the best and right approach no matter what people think.

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      Bad Patterns – God has been using me in in leadership roles for over 60 years. Along this journey He as blessed my with wisdom, a love for and solid foundation in His word, as well as a lifetime of relationship and experiences to enable me to lead well and wisely. In my senior years i realize that pride is creeping in. I enjoy being seen as the “sage” the wise one, the go to guy. I recognize that if am using the blessing of God to fuel my pride and position. The solution is not a hidden thing. I am making daily efforts to implement Romans 12:1-2 and Philippians 2:5-11 in my life. To constantly remind myself that , “I must decrease that He may increase.”. Pride is a difficult thing to over come, not because it is complicated but because it requires surrendering my will and my worldly desire to achieve God’s desire.

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      #10 an#11
      I have to take more of a stand with my child to let her know the past is the past an can’t be changed but the future can be better if we choose to let God work out our issue. Because there’s nothing to hard for God if we let Him have it

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      I have noticed that I have established both good and bad patterns. As a youth pastor, I have set great patterns for other youth to follow, but as a Father and Husband, not all of my patterns were good. But I have now recognized them and I hope that my family will one day pick up on my new patterns and follow my new positive patterns.

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      In my upbringing God allowed my parents to create a Christ filled environment which was cultivated over the years of my youth. This practice wasn’t introduced by my generation of parents to our children. Now that my children are of age and have children of their own I see this trend continue away from the Lord. As a parent of adult children and one of many grandchildren, I feel that God has given me a second chance to live a Christ like life before my family and to be a better example as a Servant Leader.

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      I think I sometimes rely a bit too much on my own experience in the workplace and don’t often listen to the viewpoints of those younger or less experienced, even though their ideas are fresh and very valid. Taking steps to get out of my own echo chamber would go a long way in creating community and positive collaboration among my colleagues.

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      I noticed I had some bad patterns raising my children. I was one of those parents that said “Do as I say not as I do.” It was tough changing that pattern and I kept finding myself falling back into it at times but when I started leading by example my children became more productive, respectfu and minded better.
      I have a grandson we had cusody of for a short time and who still comes over almost every weekend. I’ve tried to lead him by example. If I punish him and later find out I was wrong and he shouldn’t have been punished I apologize. I talk to him about how people can make mistakes and that it is important for us to take respondsibility for our mistakes and do what we can to fix them.

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      A bad pattern that I have established in my homelife is obsessive cleaning. In moments that I feel helpless and/or anxious I start cleaning my house. When I am lost in the cleaning, all of my problems “go away” and I am able to soley focus on the cleaning. However, in actuality, the problems do not “go away” but instead get buried deeper and gain a stronger hold over my life. The steps I am taking to break this pattern is let small messes stay out. For example, I purposely leave a few dishes in the sink everynight. Also, I allow my kids to go to bed with some toys still left out in their bedrooms. Finally, when I start to feel anxious and/or helpess it my intention to stop what I am doing and pray. If I can turn to God FIRST in these “scary moments” He can take hold of my problems and lead me down the right path and avoid my unhealthy coping mechanisms (i.e. cleaning). In the instances that I pray before cleaning, I have felt God enter the situation and defuse my stress. The urge to want to clean does not go away completely, but God helps take away the “control” that it has over me.

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      I think there is one bad pattern that I am working on breaking and that is that a leader can exert too much control over their team, making it difficult for them to present what God wants them to present. It has been evident in the Children’s Ministry. When I came on, many people had left, so I needed to recruit. The person before me had kept a tight rein on things, taking away the leadership of the Lord in the teacher’s lives. Yes, there was a lot of good – lots of supplies, etc. – but without really relying on God for words and teaching, there was something missing. Too much time was spent on the “theme” of the room instead of the lesson. My solution has been to give the teachers the bones of the lessons and let them have God fill out the rest. We have team meetings to discuss challenges and share victories, and I think everyone feels empowered to grow in Christ. I am also available for them all the time, and I am on the teaching team as well. Teams have to include everyone, and while one person has to make the final decision, everyone should have a voice.

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      When I started being the Pastor, I found out that the finances wasn’t always being handled properly, also some of the procedures during church service wasn’t correct, and could be a security issue. I’m in the process of correcting these issues.

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      This lesson really touched home for me. Praise the Lord! My extended family had to process through some worldly choices that led to unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Through much prayer and fasting, and in unity of love for one another, we intervened and addressed the issue. This occurred almost 6 years ago. Today, the peace that passes all understanding rules our hearts and homes. When God shows up, He shows off!

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      As a potential subject-matter leader in the workplace, I realize I must deal with others I may work with who have established bad patterns and cycles. I first need to ensure I identify and solidify my stance. I also need to separate and deal with my own established bad patterns and cycles in my personal/public life. I need to remain both professional, consistent, and respectful when dealing with others. I will intentionally use my power of influence to help those who are open, ready, and wanting my assistance. With others, I must tolerate them and they must tolerate me.

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      Bad habits such as gambling, and smoking are prevalent in our family. To break this pattern, we must make the right choice, which is supported by our constant prayer to God. There are two ways of breaking the pattern: ensure we don’t inherit those bad habits that could ruin our family life, and we must not carry forward the bad habits to the next generation. Therefore, we must teach our children God’s words. Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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