In your opinion, “Who am I?” is answered most differently between which two of the seven worldviews? Explain.

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      One could say that the most diverse would be between naturalism and pantheism. Naturalism denies the spirit realm and believes that only matter exists. Pantheism believes in a spirit realm and that it is the ultimate reality.

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      Monotheism gives a clear view that I am created and wonderfully made by God with a clear purpose and calling. Existentialism says I have no source of identity and I can make myself be anyone or anything I subjectively want.

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      Monotheism and Nihilism. Monotheism says we have a Creator and we are made in his image with a calling and a purpose. Nihilism says our oritin is unknown and that there are no objective truths or values.

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      Jason Hubbard

      Monotheism believes that we are created in the image of God where nihilist believe there is no clear answer.

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      Monotheism immediately answers that we are God’s special creation and that we have a purpose. Nihilism argues that no one can really know, nothing is certain

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      Monotheism- we were created by a God who loves us with great purpose for each of our lives. Nihilism, No identity, we do not know who we are and there is no real way to define who we are.

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      Monotheism and nihilism. Monotheistic, specifically Christianity, can tell us concrete, objectively, who we are. Nihilism has absolutely no solid or firm ground to stand on, and rejects even ideas that there could be an answer.

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      NAturalism and Monotheism – Loving creator vs matter can evolve

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      Monotheism and Nihilism. One says we are created in the image of God (as big as it gets) and the other has no clear cut identity at all.

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      I would say that monotheism and existentialism would be the most different worldview explanations of identity. Monotheism claims that our identity is defined and given by our Creator and existentialism claims that we have no one but ourselves to define us.

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      Monotheism- God created us for a specific purpose and plan for our lives. Nihilist- we only exist, no purpose, we are here to consume and die.

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      Monotheism believes that we are created in the image of God, therefore giving us a lasting identity and purpose. The nihilist believes that we have no lasting purpose or identity while alive, it’s a constant search for meaning.

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      Chris Drenth

      Who am i is answered most differently by monotheism and naturalism because in the former, I am a man created in the image of God, but in the latter, I am a man that is formed by the smallest atoms in the universe.

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      I’d say that Monotheism and Nihilism answer this question the most differently. Unlike Monotheism, the nihilist believes that at best they are a highly evolved monkey and even in that there is no meaning. The monotheist would assert that they are made in God’s image and that sets them apart from all other creation and all there meaning comes from how they relate to God.

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      Katie Harrell

      I’d say Monotheism and Naturalism because one came from God and the other from a big bang and eventually monkeys.

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      Monotheism and Existentialism. Monotheism gives us a framework to answer basic questions and get our identity. The exstentialist believes life has no meaning or purpose. Reality is absurd and therefore my identity is whatever I choose or what society chooses for me.

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      In Monothesim, a person is created by a singular all knowing powerful God. In Naturalism, we just happened to evolve over time into more and more complex organisms.

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      I would say that Nihilism and Monotheism are the most different in answering the question “Who am I?” This is because in Monotheism, there is an intense sense of purpose and importance. It believes that we are made in the image of God, whereas Nihilism states that we as humans have no identity that really matters or lasts. These are polar opposites.

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Monotheism and Existentialism because one shows we were created in the image of God on the other hand life has no meaning therefore I must determine my own value or image

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      The two most different worldviews are Monotheism and Naturalism. Monotheist believes that a personal God created our universe and that our ancestors are created to be in relationship with God. On the other hand, Naturalist believes that there is no God, and that the universe came into existence about 15 million years ago. And that the process of evolution began about 5 billion years ago, and that Man evolves from monkeys.

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      Monotheism and Nialism because One has the identity from God being made in the image of God and the other has no identity.

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      I think Monotheism and Naturalism are opposites. Monotheism is a sovereign Creator who is involved with His creation and Naturalism is a thought that matter changes into other matter over time spontaneously.

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      I would say Nihilism and Monotheism are answered most differently. To move from believing that we are morally flawed and in need of redemption to basically believing there is no explanation at all as to who we are is quite a leap.

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      Creation and evolutionary belief of naturalist. Monotheists, believe in a loving creator as apposed to it just randomly happening.

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