Is there anything that makes it difficult to hope for a better future in your marriage? How do you think you can let go of this?

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      Not taking the time to actually work on my marriage. Busy schedules and children take away a lot of time and by the end of the day I don’t have the energy or want to spend time talking. Identifying the problem and with prayer, find the time to actually talk and spend quality time with my wife.

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      I found that being open and honest prior to marriage is the key to a better marriage. Keeping one’s baggage hidden can cause hardships down the line. Yes, current issues may come up, but if your marriage is based on Biblical concepts it should be easy to get through those conflicts with the help of Jesus.

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      Past hurts
      Emotional damage
      Past failure
      Past regrets

      Let it go by believing God’s words over my feelings. The just shall live by his faith, not feelings. Although my past is damaged, my future is bright because I am taking the necessary steps to renew my mind and view my marriage the way God intends.

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      I love my husband and I pray and hope our marriage can overcome all negative obstacles. I pray I can control my tongue, gain self control, and always respect my husband.

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      It is hard to trust and forgive. But I do have hope for our future.

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      Nothing makes it difficult for me to have that hope now or in the future.

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      I let go the past and reflect on things that happened anchoring on Micah 6:8 To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. I can only turst things happened for a reason that God allows. However, It takes two to tango and cannot work on improving it if the other party is not willing to.

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      I am very fortunate that I have a good marriage, and my husband is actually my best friend. I will continue to try and hold my tongue and not speak or say anything while I am upset or in a disagreement.

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      I need to forgive the leave the past, trust that he will change.
      I cannot change the past, but we can work together for the days & years aheads.

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      I am a poor listener and send the message I dont care? I need to learn to stop what I’m doing and listen and reply so she knows I have listened and heard

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      Repetitive discounting of what I would like to do. I need to recognize that I cannot do as much as I would like to do.

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      I try to control all aspects of our marriage AND IN TURN GET IN THE WAY OF gOD

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      Yes, a trust issue and not letting go af the past.
      We have to forgive and leave the past because we can’t change it and look forward for new things.

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      baggage from past experiences, family experiences

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      I feel that I would like us both to try to work on it , but he doesn’t want to collaborate

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      It is difficult to hope for a better future in marriage when the same conflicts keep coming up. One can let go of this if a person believes it can change.

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      Yes, I don’t see any hope unless my husband decides to work on the marriage with me.

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      Yes, my husband can be very mean. We have been to counseling and it hasn’t helped.

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      There has been a lack of intimacy in our marriage including hugging and kissing. I need’ to learn to do my expections as a wife or what I perceive to be my husband’s expectations and perhaps, there will be a change in this. I need to learn to have a servant’s heart and not expect anything in return.

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      Believing a better future in your marriage is not possible will suppress the desire to grow. I believe the response taught regarding the sad trial experiment with dogs, was a great example of settling for the worse. A better future can be achieved by couples who believe it’s possible “together.”

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      There is nothing to difficult for God! True forgiveness and putting God first over everything will create and better marriage and life.

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      Yes, by not letting go of past mistakes, hurts and difficulties, I will be thinking things will be the same as in the past. If I stay focused on the past, I can end up settling for circumstances that are far less than ideal. This will give me a sense of why hope for anything better. Letting go of “no hope for a better future” begins with me changing how I respond to my husband. Letting go will also take trust and believing Jesus is right by my side holding my hand and guiding my actions and my words.

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      Anthony Donaldson

      Sometimes the constant arguments in marriage makes it seems a bit difficult to hope for a better future in my marriage. The many disagreements that seem to never get resolved. Letting ago, forgiving, moving on and building a positive and healthy relationship can only be achieved with the help of the Lord.

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      This is too personal to put in a chat box.

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      My husband are faithful in our christian and personal life ,loving Gods Holy word ,I always talk, and share alot about the word of God with others,my husband he do not talk much hes very good listener i do most,we love each other we together over 30,yrs . whoever one of my concern he do not like to pray outt that i can heard what hes saying,I would love for us to pray to gether even if he continue to whisper his prayer words,and with the of the Lord I am continuing him.We hope together in faith beliveing God for long healty life to continue helping and serving others through Christ Jesus.I need more boldness to do Gods work and more patient with understanding where my husband is concern with prayer and obedient,I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me , Philippians 4:13.

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      In my marriage, my husband and I are both believers in Jesus Christ. I am more active in my faith than my husband and I become discouraged that he doesn’t pursue God more. Early in our marriage this caused conflicts because each of us wanted the other to conform to their idea of following God. I have chosen to grow in my faith and relationship with Christ and pray for my husband to do the same but I no longer pressure him to worship the way I believe he should but instead I encourage him to grow at his own pace with God and he does the same with me.

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      Our Daily Bread
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