J. Kirby Anderson and Darrell Bock describe the 40 different authors who wrote in three languages over a 1,500 to 2,000 year period with unity in their writing. What is the most striking evidence to you? How does this argue for the credibility of the Bible?

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      Allan l.

      It’s amazing how different people in different eras have the same mind and message as one. Different expressions, different descriptions yet the same message, same person they address about.

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      The consistency of message and the sheer immensity/unlikely probability of this occurring.

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      The most striking evidence is that the Bible was written by over 40 people in different languages over a span of 1600 years and that it all unites into one amazing story

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      I believe the time frame lends to great credibility. The fact that centuries passed, cultures changed, nations rose and fail, yet, their remained a consistency, from Genesis to Revelation; from Moses to John is astonishing. Mere man could not provide the accuracy and consistency that we see in those books. This is why I believe that the Bible is indeed inspired by God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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