J. P Moreland points out that science cannot adequately “explain life and meet the deepest needs of the human heart.” Because of this, people are turning to spirituality for answers. Moreland goes on to say, “They’ve stopped thinking when they turn to the spiritual life, and they need to continue to think very carefully about the form of spirituality they embrace. Why is it important to be discerning about spiritual beliefs? What happens if you do not do this?

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      Being “spritual” does not necessarilily mean that you follow God and the Bible. In modern society, people have adopted a spritual life that appear holistic and nurturing but it might not equate to the spirituality that God intended for us. For someone’s spiritfual beliefs to intune with God they must align with His Word and teachings.

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      To believe in God does not require to check their logic or intelligence at the door and blindly follow. As the scriptures state, the evidence of God is evident in everything that has been made so that man is without excuse. To randomly believe in “spirituality” is to give your mind and heart over to a pantheistic, pseudo-religiosity and not to a spirituality that confirms what we see, know and sense.

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      It is important to be discerning about spiritual beliefs to determine if the spiritual path that you are on aligns with the truth of scripture.
      If you are not, you are opening up the opportunity for to be led only by heart and to create an idol that is in your image and not be an image-bearer of Christ.

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      Just as science recognizes and discovers patterns in nature, which we then use to our benefit, spirituality must be analyzed in such a way as it brings benefits and points us to the One, True God if we expect to have an afterlife of peace. Science can be used for good or evil, as stated earlier in the lesson. It has created medicines to heal and poisons to kill and destroy societies at the same time. Spirituality is the same, it can create a peacful life, a hope and a future, but if the wrong direction is taken, the false prophets are listened to it can lead to death and destruction.

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      It is important that we discern other beliefs as we will be very confused trying to accept all of the different religions in this world. It is important to compare beliefs to God’s word and see if it matches. We must be careful not to fall victim to false teachings.

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      If we cannot discerning about spiritual beliefs we could affect our hither life and thereinafter,it’s very crucial to look everything spiritual in order to secure our lives.

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      If we are not discerning about spiritual beliefs we could be swayed by many false belief systems. It is very important to check every spiritual thing, no matter who we hear it from, against the Bible. This will keep us from following false gospels.

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      It is important to carefully examine what you believe because it affects your life and your afterlife. Your life and afterlife are the biggest decision you can make, therefore you need to carefully examine what is truth and not blindly follow.

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      It is important to be discerning about spiritual beliefs, because people can mislead you and give false information. God always says to meditate in his word, beware of false prophecies, and to put on the whole armor of God. We still have to be aware of people who try to take advantage of us. Not all spiritual beliefs are true and good.

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      It is important because not all spiritual things are good. People should be careful because if you choose wrong you can be mislead and fall into great evil

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      There is only one true God and He is a jealous God. He wants all of us to Himself. The world wants us as well. The battle for our souls is real. If we do not discern what our spiritual beliefs are, what we chose to believe in, and how we are to live we will just go along with the physical world around us. God gives our life purpose and meaning, the world does not.

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      Marquelle Dais

      Their are many spiritualties in the world that people believe in and if one does not truly connect to their spiritual self’s then they can be swayed to do many things that will lead them down the wrong path.

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      Our Spiritual beliefs are very easily swayed by our emotions. If we look to our temporary selves to understand everything we will have a distorted view of the world. So we must always make sure that our spirituality agrees with scripture science and what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

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      Hebrews 5:14 speaks of mature Christians who “have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” Without discernment by the Holy Spirit, people will go along with just about anything, in their own thinking.

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      All people believe in religion of some kind. It is important to be discerning as once you enter into a religion you may go down its’ paths that may ultimately lead to destruction of your soul. None, but Christianity, lead past this life into eternity.

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