J. P. Moreland said, “The New Testament writers say, ‘These things were not done in a corner [Acts 26:26], they were done in public, and you know,’ they say to their audience, ‘that these things really happened.’ Why that is so important is this, when it comes to the New Testament, the miracles of Jesus are actually signs that He was who He claimed to be. Jesus repeatedly said, ‘Don’t believe Me because of my words. Don’t believe Me because I say I’m a prophet from God or that I’m His Son. Believe Me because the signs I do simply can’t be explained if I’m simply a man.’ ” Why would Jesus appeal to miracles as evidence of the truth of His claims?

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      Jesus appealed to miracles as evidence of the truth of his claims because God used miracles from the old testament to show himself as powerful God to his people, also Jesus did them to encourage men and women to believe in him for Everlasting life.

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      Jesus appealed to His miracles as evidence of the truth of His claims because they supported the fact that He is of God. Miracles cannot happen unless there is Divine intervention. By Jesus appealing to His miracles, He is stating that He is from God.

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      Because God used miracles in the old testament to usher in something important or something new with great significance.

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      The miracles proved that he was the Messiah

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      Words can be empty things. Jesus spoke the truth, but men could be skeptical of His words. Miracles were confirming acts that backed His words, His claims to be the Messiah, the Son of God. These miracles were beyond to capacity of mere mortals to accomplish. The miracles themselves then become the message of the truth of Jesus.

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      Because his miracles were supernatural events, acts that only God himself could have done. This again backed up His claim at being the Messiah!

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