J. P. Moreland said, “The New Testament writers say, ‘These things were not done in a corner [Acts 26:26], they were done in public, and you know,’ they say to their audience, ‘that these things really happened.’ Why that is so important is this, when it comes to the New Testament, the miracles of Jesus are actually signs that He was who He claimed to be. Jesus repeatedly said, ‘Don’t believe Me because of my words. Don’t believe Me because I say I’m a prophet from God or that I’m His Son. Believe Me because the signs I do simply can’t be explained if I’m simply a man.’ ” What would be the significance of miracles done publicly instead of privately?

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      These miracles had to be done publicly in order to show everyone that He was indeed the Son of God. His goal was to save as many as He could and this would not be possible if He did them in private. Yes, not everyone did believe, but the disciples would carry on by telling His story to all who would listen.

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      Privately done miracles would still have a mystery surrounding them. Miracles done publicly were undeniable. Jesus said to look to the signs as belief, and public signs would have made most impact.

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      There is significance to having the miracles done publicly instead of privately, it demonstrates God’s power and creates first-hand witnesses. It shows that His actions match His words. In this scripture it says, “Don’t believe Me because I SAY that I am a prophet from God or I’m His Son. Believe Me because the SIGNS I do…”

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      Public performance of miracles served as undeniable evidence of his diety.

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      Significance of miracles done publicly instead of privately was to testify Jesus as a son of God and God is with him, because there’s no would able to make miracles happened without intervention divine in him that’s why Jesus did all publicly.

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      Miracles done publicly are able to be witnessed and verified. If a miracle is performed in private, then no one will know if it really happened.

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      Miracles done publicly would be seen by many people. Where as if it was done in private it would be seen by few. The more eyewitness testimony the credible it would be to explain. This also eliminates any doubts

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      Since it was done publicly there were multiple witnesses and gave validity to the miracles of Jesus.

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      The public display of the miracles of Jesus allowed for multiple witness to validate the miracle. These miracles were not slight of hand or backroom legends that would take on a life of their own. The evidence was clear, open to all who would see. The witness would then be of first hand knowledge.

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      A thought that crossed my mind is that back in Bible times, a lot of things were done privately. That “ordinary people” did not have access to things of importance. I mean look at the temple for example, most were not even welcome in to the inner chambers. But Jesus did not keep his power separate or private, he shared it. His works became the example of his message. If you do not believe me he said, then believe my works.

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      Miracles of Jesus done in public gave credibility to the claim that Jesus was God and not just a man. They were done to build the faith of those who witnessed them. Jesus himself said if they didn’t believe the words he preached then believe by the works he showed them. If these things were only done in private then it would be a small few who had the opportunity to witness and believe. The fact that he did them publicly also allowed for people to testify that they had witnessed the miracles and encouraged the spreading of the gospel.

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      Miracles done publicly showcase God’s power. They show people that God is real and working on Earth. This encourages people to believe.

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