J. P. Moreland said, “We’re convinced now that the universe that we live in is ordered and balanced and began. Something had to begin it that was intelligent enough to bring it into existence and to give it the kind of design and order that it has.” Do you believe this statement is self-evident to all? Why or why not?

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      It is diffcult to assume that “all” people can accept a singlue statment. I do not believe that everyone receives the above statement because our world is filled with a variety of beliefs.

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      Scripture tells us that the Glory of God is seen through all that he has made so that man is without excuse. Every culture on earth throughout time and even now, recognizes and gives credit to something for the order we see throughout our earth and our universe. They can deny the Creator, but they cannot deny that it was created.

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      Although I shared in the statement made by J.P. Moreland, I do not think that this statement is self-evident to all. This is why we have people who believe in evolution or there are those who consider themselves to be atheists.

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      I believe the statement to be self-evident after someone studies the universe for a while. The more someone learns, the more puzzling and amazing nature gets. Some things such as space seem to have no end and others are just mind-boggling like how the air is perfect on Earth for us to breathe but not further up in space.

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      I do believe it everything is designed and ordered by intelligent creator who is God and even Jesus, God had designed everything perfectly to his purpose as scripture says in Isaiah 45:18.

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      I do believe it. It is evident in all the creation around us. Everything points to a creator and even Christ. The outer black hole that is in the shape of a cross and the smallest microscopic element, laminin, that is the protein that holds our being together, is also in the shape of a cross. God has designed everything perfectly to point to Himself. It cannot be by chance.

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      It is not self evident to all as many do not deeply consider the possibilities that science cannot explain all. Non-believers still cling to the theory of evolution that they were taught.

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      I do believe it is. Just look around and you will order, a masterful design. Creation is amazing and we should be able to see that nothing like this could have come by accident

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      I think that that we can all agree that there is beauty, order, design, purpose, and intelligence in our world – people, nature, systems, and cycles. That it all came about by chance and for no reason is evident. There has to be a creator, an intelligent designer, who created from nothing and for great purpose.

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      This statement is not self-evident because some have been taught and believe the lie of evolution all their lives. I think as humans, its difficult to admit we were wrong in our thinking and accept that what we’ve believed for so long could be wrong. It’s a matter of pride that won’t allow some to believe what is right in front of them.

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      I do believe that it is evident that there is design and nature. Evolutionists are constantly trying to disprove that the systems that we are observing were designed. It is a much easier task to see that they were designed and therefore except the creator.

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