J. P. Moreland said,“I think it’s clear that if you want to discover who Jesus was, you have to consult the best historical sources that we have available. Now there are sources about Jesus and about what He was like outside of the New Testament. We know from ancient Roman and Jewish and Greek historians that He lived, that He gathered a group of disciples around Him, that He was a wonder worker…of some sort. That after He was executed, His followers preached that He had risen from the dead across the Roman Empire.” Why is it important that we can know things about Jesus Christ that are tied to history?

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      It collaborates what we know to be true and thus helps us to convince no-believers that Jesus is the Christ- God the Son who came into the world to save us from eternal death due to sin.

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      It is important because it adds validity to the Scriptures. We know from God’s word who Jesus was. Being able to tie the Scriptures to historical records gives us information about the society and culture that Jesus was a part of on this earth. It also shows the unbeliever that the existence of Jesus can be tied to a historical record.

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      It is important that we know things about Jesus Christ that are tied to history so that we can understand more about His character in relationship to that time and rule structure. He was a radical, rule-breaker. He healed on the Sabbath and gave validity to the outcasts of society,…
      By examining His life through historical events, we get to appreciate these choices in a greater way, we also get understanding of Jesus from an Apologetics standpoint, documenting that scripture is more than a fairy tale or fictional story.

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      Its verifiable evidence of Biblical truths.

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      It’s important to have history tied to Jesus beacause it gives further support to the veracity of scripture. History also shows us the lives of the disciples, flawed yet faithful and willing to die for Christ and the gospel. History may be an area that helps draw unbelievers to Christ.

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      It’s important that history connects the proof that Jesus christ was really and its difficult to say that he never existed and performed anything.

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      It is important to understand Jesus and how His story connects to History because it validates His divine nature. History is simply facts that are documents. When we have facts that support divine nature, it only strengthens the argument that Jesus is the Son of God.

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      It is important because people can not deny Jesus existence or the miracles he performed plus they can not deny his teachings, if they are a written record outside of the bible.

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      It gives proof that he was real and makes it hard to say that he never existed.

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      It gives validity to the life of Jesus on earth. As to the resurrection, we can take the testimony of John to heart as he writes that he and others had seen Jesus, heard Jesus and touched Jesus. They were witnesses in totality of the risen Christ, they knew Jesus during His earthly ministry, knew Jesus after His resurrection and and staked their lives on proclaiming the message of salvation that Jesus had come to demonstrate to the world.

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      Seems to be the same question as above.

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      Knowing things about Jesus that are tied to history helps build our faith. Not that the Bible needs more credibility, but it affirms the telling of the story of Jesus to have other sources that speak to his existence in a historical sense. It becomes hard to argue with the fact that he did actually walk the earth when we have many sources that attest to that.

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