J. P. Moreland stated, “All cultures where there have been human beings have had some concept of life after death. The earliest example of human beings we have—with regard to cave drawings and other factors—depict life after death. There is burial of the dead, and indication of belief in life after death. Now not all cultures end up agreeing what it’s like, but they all recognize there is something beyond the grave.” Do you think this is a valid argument for life after death? Explain your view.

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      Yes I do believe this as evident from the way people and culture across time bury their dead. They know somethinf is there but are blind to see it when it is presented to them

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      I think it gives evidence that eternity has been placed in the hearts of men but the details of said eternity differ.

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      I think it’s a valid argument for the fact that humans, across time & cultures BELIEVE that there is life after death. As far as those being reasons for the evidence OF life after death? No.

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      Yes, because I think there is the truth of God in all of these explanations. People just aren’t willing to admit or believe that it is rooted in God.

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      I do believe that the idea of a “universal belief” of life after death is a valid argument and does point towards truth and the human soul knowing that there is more. Similar to collaborating and interviewing witnesses to the same event, a researcher would look for similar parts to their stories to determine truth, I feel this is similar when you look at similarities across world cultures and throughout time.

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      Yes I do believe there’s something beyond the grave that’s why people prepare body for burial if they didn’t believe why they burial after death means they believe life after death even atheist, for us as Christians we believe life after death through Jesus christ.

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      I do. I remember my mom planning for her funeral and the things she wanted with her. She spoke of being with Jesus and her mom. When she passed we were sad and at the same time we celebrated her going home to be with the Lord. The comfort of beliving in His promises!

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      I think so. It may not be the evidence we seek, but the desire and belief is inside of us. We crave to understand what it will be like for us after our death. The way we bury our loved ones show that we wish them the best in their next life. We have the hope to see them again and that they are in a better place. If this desire to respect and send them to the next life is intricate in us, then our nature is true to it.

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      Yes I think so, if you don’t believe in life after death then why not just through the dead bodies in a lake or something. Why would you give so much attention to detail at the death and burial of a person?

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      Yes, why would people prepare the body for burial if they didn’t believe in life after death. If you don’t believe than why not just put the body in the ground and walk away.

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      Yes there is life after death with God in heaven that is why we as christians need to get others to follow God .

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      Yes, because most of the human race believes there is a life after death, but they may not agree on what it’s like. Really the only culture that doesn’t believe in life after death is atheists.

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