J. P. Moreland stated, “Now I recognize that a lot of people interpret near-death experiences in ways that are not probably accurate. It still needs to be said though, that there are simply too many cases that have been documented, where people have had their souls leave their bodies, and gained information they could simply not have known, if it were just their brain losing oxygen or something like that. To demonstrate that there is such a thing as life after death, at least to some degree.” After reviewing J.P. Moreland’s statements, what do you think of reports of near-death experiences? Might there be multiple explanations for them? What do you think is the best explanation? Why do you hold that view?

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      I think that these episodes are true and an affirmation that there is something after death – almost like a little modern miracle and the fact that there is both something good and bad is these episodes lets me know I want to go to the good one

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      I think near death experiences are legitimate experiences and not hallucinations. I think people either experience heaven or hell. Unfortunately many are we deceived into believing that fallen Angela are angels of God, and this come back with convoluted messages, contradicting the Word of God & convincing people that they don’t need to repeat because we all make it into heaven, regardless. These sort of lies have likely sent untold amounts of people to hell.

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      I think there are multiple explanations for these occurrences.

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      I find reports of near-death experiences to be very interesting, and as a student of the Word and of God’s world it is important to consider all things. Yes, there might be multiple explanations for near-death experiences. I don’t feel that I have studied this enough to determine what I feel is the best explanation (there are many points of view). I am still in an information-finding stage (which is one of the reasons for this course selection). 🙂

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      I believe there are many multiple explanations for them about near-death experiences, though it’s difficult to explain accurately but some People glimpse their life where they go,sometimes you may finds someone is on last time refuses to go by struggling to show that the place he glimpse is not good but horror, i remember it was happened to my uncle many years ago, he struggled almost for two days on the bed hesitated to go with terrible situations.

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      I believe in the near-death experiences. My father had one and spoke of it has seeing a bright light and seeing loving people and someone saying he needs to go back, in spite of him wanting to stay. He said it was peacful and the feeling of wanting to stay.

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      There has been a lot of people that cannot explain what they felt or thought as they were near death. In my own experience, I cannot remember anything while in a coma, but I do remember a dream. I don’t even know for sure it was a dream. I just remember the feelings, the words, and the characters, but I cannot explain what it means for me. I do think some people may experience the light, or the angels, or anything else. I just think that our minds will go to what is important and to what we either fear or we love.

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      I think that some of the near-death experiences may have some truth to them. If we believe that Moses parted the red, Peter walked on water, and manna fell from the sky etc. Then why wouldn’t a near-death experience be able to occur? I do believe that a lot of people are probably making stuff up to get attention however, I think there could be a few people actually telling the truth.

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      I think they do happen. I do believe there are multiple explanations for them. This I am not clear on so to answer truthfully I can not. It could chemically induced, it could be not enough oxygen in the brain, it could be guilt built up and released during that time of death, but I also believe that God does allow these things to happen to some to either be awake up call or to ease someone’s pain that there is something better ahead. I would hope for the latter.

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      I do believe in them because I think that’s a way God can communicate with us so that we go back and tell other of the wonderful site that they have just seen. Yes, maybe because of substances that are in you, or just that God wanted to have that experience maybe if the person was unbeliever God wanted them to his glory and truth, and God has a big plan for them later on. I think the best explanation is probably that the body is at lack of oxygen or blood flow. Due to my Christian beliefs, and that different substances can make u think things that are not real.

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      It think some of them are serious and some of them are just to get attention. Yes, there can be multiple explanations, because people are going to experience different things. I really don’t know what the explanation would be.

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