Jesus confronted religious leaders for laying intolerable burdens on those they were recruiting. What were some of those burdens? Does this still happen today? Has it ever happened to you?

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      Measuring up to their rules. following strict dress codes. All looking the same. Staying away from the world. This is still evident today. I don’t think so.

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      Religious leaders would impose rules and conditions on others, and they would struggle to constantly meet the set conditions. These kinds of burdens still happen and as a member of a church in the past, I have had to deal with these burdens.

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      Yes it does. It had happened to me

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      Of course it still happens today. Thankfully the church I am a member of and the one before that in Korea (before moving to Singapore) is nothing like this, but it still happens. I think more than the leaders; the members of churches put undue burdens of perfection and judgement on others, which drives people away from Christ. It was this that I experienced. They don’t even have to be leaders to have a profound impact on others in this negative way.

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      Religious leaders put the burdens of perfections on people. They needed to follow the right sacraments without mistake, they needed to do enough good works to earn salvation. Today, it seems even more difficult to live right because “right” has so many faces. Who is to say who is right?” There has to be a right and wrong for there to be a right. When I got married, my mother-in-law said that it wouldn’t be a wedding if it wasn’t officiated by a Catholic priest. But we got married by a minister of our Christian faith, our faith in Jesus to be the head of our marriage. It was a difficult time for us, but it was the right faith, faith in Jesus.

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