Jesus remarked that religious leaders of His day “took away the key of knowledge.” What did He mean by that? Does this still happen today? If so, how?

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      Gildas ange clyve

      When Jesus told the religious leaders of his days that they “took away the key of knowledge”, he meant that they were hiding from the people the basic truth revealed through the Scriptures able to bring humans to a saving faith. This still happens today when some “pastors” or religious leaders change the truth of God to their human wisdom and manmade doctrines and practices.

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      Took away the Word of God and replaced it with partial use of the Word that taught falsehood

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      When Jesus said religious leaders “took away the key of knowledge”, he was referring to the Word of God. The religious leaders of this day still take the Word Of God and replace it with their imposed doctrines and practices.

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      The knowledge of Jesus, the simplicity of Jesus. Yes by man made rules, regulations, cereminies

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      I think what He meant was that the religious leaders clouded the word of God with a bunch of do’s and don’t’s. Rules specific to a denomination and not focused on the Gospel. Do I think it happens today? Absolutely. Legalism is so very common. If anything it has gotten worse not better since Jesus’s time.

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      The religious leaders took away the simple truth that it is Love of God and love of others. By distracting us from this, they are keeping knowledge from us. It still happens today. We struggle with the simplicity of it. We think it has to be harder than that. We want something that is real and we feel the need to do more than necessary. But loving God and others is choosing to deny self, and that is a struggle for humans. We want control, we want assurance. Trust is another matter. That takes control from us.

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