Just as the book of Ruth serves as a positive example, how have you observed an exception to the Deuteronomic Cycle?

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      The Deuteronomic cycle follows the forward of sin path to condemnation, suffering and then the intervention. I the story of Ruth, the returning from Moab to Bethlehem, the conversion of Moabite Ruth from her own culture and religion to Jehovah God, the faithful friendship between Naomi and Ruth were exceptions of Deuteronomic Cycle. I think this is a parallel path that God has design to demonstrate that His was was different. It was not sin and the result of sin. It was the beauty of His Grace and Mercy.

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      There was a time in my husband’s life in which he became involved in a financial business whose environment was very toxic. He began to put more hours into that business over his true job, his family, church , and God. Focusing on self-help paraphernalia, he began delving into New Age philosophies which led him to be tempted by the devil to dismiss his faith in Christ. By the grace of God, my husband returned to the Lord and His Word and was able to break free from the bondage that had entangled him for months. The Lord demonstrated a redeeming work of His grace to bring my husband to repentance and restoration.

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