Kerby Anderson said, “Eternity is set in the heart of each individual. There’s a God-shaped vacuum.” In what ways have you seen in people the need to make contact with the divine? How did they fill this need?

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      People have a vucuum shaped void, people try to fill to it in different ways, but the only way to fill this emptiness is to accept Jesus christ to into our lives.

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      People look to different things to fill them up, whether it be in success, possessions, people or even different religions. Until they find God, there will always be an emptiness that they cannot explain and it can only be revealed by God. God is continually revealing Himself in this world and we have to open our eyes to His truth.

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      Every person has a vacuum shaped void, most people try to fill it with possessions, people and activities rather than God. The only way to full this need is allowing Jesus to come into our lives. Otherwise no matter how much we possess it will never be enough.

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      We all assume that if we accomplish worldly success – money, prestige, power, possessions, that we will be truly happy and content. That is what the world tells us anyway. It is what satan has us believe. But, it is a lie. We all know people who are very successful and accomplished by the standards of the world and yet the most discontent, unhappy and restless. They long for purpose, meaning, and peace. I believe those things are only experienced when we choose God. So we continue to seek and connect with the divine.

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      Marquelle Dais

      There is a need for people to search for answers around why we exist at all and what their purpose it. Which establish the idea that God himself did not create our existence for nothing but for a reason. We all have a destiny to fulfill and so we ask God for help in answering this question for us.

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      People identify their vacuums every day. This occurs frequently through complaining. When someone is complaining of something that is lacking in their life frequently it has something to do with God. People choose to fulfill this needing any number of different ways all of which are unsatisfactory.

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      As humans, without a relationship with Jesus Christ, we fill our lives with everything we think we can achieve and do to try to fill the void that only God, our Creator can fill. Like Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, life would ultimately have no meaning. If the wisest and wealthy man that ever lived could not find meaning in everything he had and achieved, how can we expect to come to any other conclusion without God.

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      All people have the need of knowing that there is a purpose to life and that their earthly life will be replaced with a rewarding time. Prayer, cults, and seances are some examples of what I have seen employed to reach personal contact with God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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