Luis Palau observed “The human soul knows that this isn’t all there is…. But the very protest that the atheist has, ‘There is nothing when you’re dead; it’s all over… you’re gone, there’s nothing else,’ is a sign that the inner soul cries out. If there is eternal life let me know about it. If there is a heaven give me some evidence. The human soul longs for a happy ending to the human story.” Why do you think both the belief in life after death and the adamant denial of life after death can both argue for its reality? Tell why you think so.

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      The human soul longs for answers is there more than this life. God created man in his own image giving man that feeling of eternity. I truly believe everyone has the feeling that there is life after death

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      As a christian in the bible it says that we will live forever with God and be at peace, atheist do not beleive that thats why we need to make them believe in God because they will figure out the hard way that there is life after death

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      We really don’t know if there is life after death, as a Christian I belief that there is according to the Bible. Why would you want to find out the hard way if there is or not? When you die and there is a life after death and you are not a Christian, than you are going to spend eternity suffering. Why take the chance.

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