Many people assume that learning the theory and skills of SoulCare is all that is needed to become an effective counselor. Dr. Crabb begins with a very different assumption, that discerning the passions that rule within you as a SoulCarer is essential. What do you perceive to be the dangers of ignoring this assumption? Illustrate your reasoning with examples from your own life or create a scenario that illustrates it.

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      If we ignore what is going on inside of us, we will quickly be going to our own thoughts and strength to deal with the other person. We will look directly at them, and quench the work of the Spirit. He can move and speak through us, but if we are not taking a look at our judgments or our frustrations or our insecurities, we will be unintentionally trying to overcome those things instead of dealing with the person. If we can look at ourselves first, and deal with those issues between ourselves and the Lord, and also grow more as we encounter those challenges, then we will be more able to allow the Spirit to move through us in order to create deep and meaningful relationships and conversations.

      I’ve often approached peoples’ problems or concerns with my own “knowledge”; but once I took a look at myself, it was a deep-rooted sense of pride. As I began to see myself and my own heart as others would come to me, I was able to grow more in my Spiritual walk. As I did that, I have become increasingly more able to provide soul care to others, in a way that creates a real connection from my raw and soft heart to theirs.

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      This concept from Dr. Crabb is counterintuitive to most of us. If I know tips and techniques for administering Soul Care and think that I am offering them with skill and care, I am not. If I am leaning on my ‘own understanding’ while thinking I am being effective, I am quenching the Holy Spirit to do His job. I am also grateful to encounter this view of the role of the Holy Spirit. I recently heard a video message from Larry regarding his coming to understand the role and engagement he can and did enjoy with the Spirit in a way that I wanted to understand. These lessons are giving me a picture of this more clearly.
      I will forever remember a counselee who wanted to share an ugly secret with me about his sexual sin outside of his marriage. While he is telling me his story, I was feeling violated and dirty. I truly wanted to take a bath so to speak while hearing this man’s story. This was a clear picture, among many from my own experiences, of how I was sensing an accusation of this man in my eyes as he needed me to listen and know that I had no ability to do what I was there to do. This entire process is counterintuitive and at the point when I think that I understand it – I take a second look and I know it has eluded me again.

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      When a counselor do not know why he/she responds in a certain manner to someone’s sharing, he will end up merely dispensing a quick fix to prove his/her adequacy. If one is unware of one’s own passions, how is one able to help another truthfully to handle his/her passions? We short-changed ourselves in allowing the Spirit of God to minister through us, into the other person’s life.

      There was a lady who came for help frequently. Many of my colleagues knew and seen her. It was my first encounter, and having listened to her, I felt she wanted to live a more meaningful life, and to be accepted. In trying to help her connect, I realized that at the mention of her name, “everyone” ran off. How could this be? It was painful. I understand that she would ring people at the most unearthly hour. What should I do? I don’t want to give her my number. I reasoned within myself that she didn’t choose to be born with this medical condition. She, too is made in the image of God. How can we show acceptance of who she is, without causing further hurt.
      I have confessed to her my inadequacies and my fear. I decided to be honest with her – and let her know why is ‘people afraid of her, and why I can’t give her my number? At that point, it is as if a light came to her face – she teared and said, “Why did no one tell me honestly all these while?” She broke into a beaming smile. She was ready to live her life – and ceased trying to hard to win the acceptance of others through the many ways she has employed. I have learnt, “We needn’t be perfect living in an imperfect world.”

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      As a friend of mine were in company together and we discussed a topic in which we both took a part of more like forced into it not of our choice. i felt inadquate not knowing what level or to what degree
      my friend experience was incurred. but I told her what happened to me . Then she opened open broke down and told me hers as painful as it was. we as teenagers were forced into a abortion. Something
      we kept hidden within ourselves and told no one. Not knowing my speaking to her about what happen to me, was what she needed to get her healing and break through was what she really needed.
      just because I opened up didn’t mean she would. but God used this opportunity to help her. I suggested going to a retreat and she agreed. that weekend she opened up and let it out and she is healed today. who would know and this is where God has called me to minister to the hurting. My Apostle after hearing my childhood said God wants me into Pastoring little did I know I was already taken the course. Not pastoring over a church but in a church, we ourselves are inadequate but with Jesus all things are possible through Christ which strengthen Us. Our dangers are thinking we have it all together and not looking at the mess inside ourselves. we are still a mess too. we must seek God for the answers

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      On Feb. 8/2021 I was wanting to feed my inner man, that I begin to scroll on the University website for some free classes. I came across SoulCare Foundations and the Holy Spirit said this one, ok I said, but its not free, not knowing what it entailed. So in July the Spirit brought it back two my memory and so I applied and here I am. When I look back over my life I have been that safe place for family and friends, not powerful though. Since taking this course the Lord has opened my eyes to the purpose of this course. I’ve been dumped on so much with others mess that I am a mess and I’ve always ask the question I’m not adequate to help these people I need help. God will always prepare us then the opportunity will come. I wasn’t aware I was doing counseling work never thought of myself as one. This course is helping me to look at myself. Without proper spiritual guidance we can mess people up more than they are, using our intellect or somthing we read from a book. After the fourth lesson I wonder how many people I’ve messed up with my theorys and Bible quotes. After completing this SoulCare Foundation 1, I’m hoping to expose the mess in my life that I can open up and let people know and exploe and discover and touch me.

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      Before taking this course I was often stumped at what to say or do when people come to me with their struggles. I would go on my knees and ask God for any download big or small before another meet up! I didn’t want to just say what they want to hear but rather what God wants them to know. But I think what really touched them was my walking with them and praying with & for them. Helping them to hear from God directly. Reminding them how much God loves them and I care too.

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      Flesh-centered help rather than Spirit-centered.

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      There must be a desire within the counselor to know yourself more deeply . In order to be a soulcarer. one must be genuinely interested and show curiosity towards the for the right reasons , Become a “safe”person by developing a relationship and a vision for that person

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      A soulcarer needs to become a safe person to the counselee by developing a relationship and a vision for that person It is not enough to just desire what is best. There has to be a genuine curiosity and deeper relationship before offering help in any other way. The counselor must also assess whether our passions towards this soulcare are genuine,not selfishly inclined.For example, be sure you are not taking on this role to add a entry on your resume, or to get a pat on the back from a friend etc,or perhaps just for a feelgood

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      I think the most significant danger is that I will be doing things on my own instead of letting the Holy Spirit do His work. In doing so, really change cannot happen and movement towards Jesus will most likely not happen.

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