Mart De Haan says, “The Bible can never be accused of cleaning up or white-washing human nature.” Have you felt the same? Why? Why not?

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      There are stories and actions in the Old Testament that are pretty disturbing. I often wonder why God decided to include such outrageous things. Perhaps, it shows me the depravity in which our world still has even today. That I shouldn’t turn a blind eye to what could still be going on, just because it is not a part of my immediate world.

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      Allan l.

      Where else can we find such strange and/or mysterious truths as in the Bible? I have discovered new words, new statements which amazed me. These findings made more curious and interested.

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      Yes because it speaks honest truth. Just look at the shape of the world today. It is clear that what the Bible tells us is truth

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      Our Daily Bread
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