Michael Rydelnik said, “Judaism was always looking for a sign of the Messiah that He would do miracles. That they would know who the Messiah is by the miracles that He did. And that comes actually-it’s found very clearly in rabbinic literature, which as was the first redeemer, so shall be the last Redeemer. The first redeemer being Moses who confirmed that he was really the deliverer from Egypt, the one who would take Egypt out because he did miracles. And so when the last redeemer, the Messiah comes, He will confirm who He is through the miracles that He does, just as Moses did.” Yet despite looking for signs to accompany Messiah’s arrival, some devoted Jews explained away the miracles of Jesus as having their source in occult power. How would you answer this objection? Explain your answer.

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      Jesus miracles were unique in all history . For example, the healing of the man blind from birth. No healing like that had ever occured before. It clearly came from God, the great I am. It also dispelled the notion that either this man or his parents had sinned causing the blindness. The explanation of the Jews relegating Jesus to be using occult power was absurd at best. If you have a predetermined opinion you will not even examine the evidence for or against the miracle. The devil’s purpose or goal is to steal, kill & destroy, hardly the heart of a compassionate God. Finally, human nature often offers up explanations which actually are excuses.

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      I think as humans we are often blinded by our own beliefs, and sometimes feel things are “too good to be true”. I would encourage people to read through the prophecies in the old testament and compare them with the life of Christ. Scripture is the source of real truth.

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      I often wonder that if Jesus would have come as a rich ruler or a king if people would have been more proned to accept Him as the Messiah. Because Jesus came as a poor man and lived a simple life (like most of us) it makes me even more proud to call Him my Savior. Jesus could have come as a King and performed miralces on a grand stage for all to see, but He did not. God sent Jesus as a humble man that could relate to our (us simple folk) circumstances. Despite Jesus coming to Earth as a baby born in a manger, He was able to rise up and make His way. Over His 3 year ministry, Jesus performed miracles, shared His wisdom, and provided expert responses to the hardest of questions. Because Jesus came exactly as He did and lived out a perfectly humble life, I will never doudt that He is the Messiah!

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      Jesus’ miracles differed than that of Moses. Not to mention there were just a lot Jewish people that hardened their hearts and could not come to terms that the Messiah, the last Redeemer had truly come. Also it was mentioned that because of these hardened hearts that they expected Jesus lied or deceived people.

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      Jesus was doing the work of His Father in heaven and the miracles he performed were to bring people closer to God. God is all knowing and all powerful. Much like what Gemma said, “He performed miracles out of kindness”, the miracles were not to self proclaim or fulfill anyone’s preconceived notions, they were to reflect the mercy and love of God.

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      Jesus’s power came from God and he performed miracles so that we would believe he was the Son of God. God is compassionate and loving; he performed miracles out of kindness, but the devil would perform supernatural acts for his own interest. Jesus didn’t benefit from his miracles; he was crucified for them.

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