Miracles are important because they show that God is going out of His way to make the point that He is active in the world. What evidence in the Bible is strongest to support this view?

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      Allan l.

      I think historic findings of people who had kept record of their experience with Christ in their day is strong evidence. Such historical evidence exist. One story I saw on TV was about the soldier who pierced Jesus. How his wounded eye got healed when Jesus blood dropped on it. Somehow I heard it without even searching it. It was brought to my attention and caught my attention. Sounded reasonable and true to me. I forgot the “ saint’s” name according to the Catholics

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      The parting of the red sea, the manna from heaven. Healing of the blind, taming the winds and the resurrection of the dead

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      The Death, Burial and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus! He was beat and crucified in front of many. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. It was sealed and had guards. But on the third day, He was raised back to life just as the scriptures of the Old Testament declared that He would. He was seen by His apostles, including Paul. Then, five hundred brethren saw him at one time and perhaps many more. This is more than enough proof to show that God was going “out of His way” to show us how active He is in the world.

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      Our Daily Bread
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