Modern man has developed the ability to avoid emotional pain through transference and denial. At the same time, these techniques have not changed the human heart. Have these things happened to you? How did you respond? How did God respond?

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      Yes, I mean denial used to be away for me to get over a hurt or a conviction. I didn’t know I was doing this at the time and I don’t remember how God responded

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      We are all very adept at transferring pain. I think it is a function of the Fall. I know that I am on the wrong side of sin and I am not comfortable with that . But I am also not comfortable owning my sin. Hence the transferance.

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      These things have definitely happened to me. Unfortunately, I have embraced denial in circumstances that have been most challenging to process through. God still shows up despite my shortcomings. He shows up in His word, through my dearest friends and confidants, and through other life situations that force me to confront my denials.

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