Most Christians try to go it alone in their Christian walk. Have you ever tried to make it alone? What happened? Have you ever been in a relationship characterized by mutual accountability? What happened in that relationship?

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      I will just say to these questions. It is not good to walk alone. However it’s the hardest thing a lot of us are doing.

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      Yes I tried to go it alone and try to make my ministry alone sometimes i found difficult to step forward until i got a partner who was accountability in my life, sometimes we need to know that we cannot solve or reach our needs by our own strengths we need other people to help us.

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      Yes, I have tried to go it alone and try to make it work and it seems harder to do. THankfully I have an accountability partner I can confide in and I have a wife I can let in, though that hasn’t always been the case

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      I was blessed to attend a Christian school which required juniors and seniors to be in weekly discipleship with a trusted Christian adult. My mom took it a step further and signed me up for that as a freshman. For 4 years I met weekly with a discipleship partner who poured into my life in many ways, including asking the hard questions and encouraging me to look at things from a biblical perspective. There have been seasons I’ve felt alone in my faith, isolated due to family dynamics and living away from home. I don’t think I was ever as alone as I thought I was, and I have always sought those types of relationships, probably because it was so impactful in my early life.

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      I do try to go at it by myself, even when I have a wonderful committed relationship. I feel like if I pray to God, He will solve it. He is the one to fix things, but I have learned that God uses people in my life to help me. He allows them to be a prat of my life for encouragement and love. My husband and I try to keep each other accountable, especially when we see one another trying to solve a situation by ourselves. We actually now know when one of us is struggling. We have learned to talk.

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      Yes, I feel that during the pandemic we were shoved into a situation of “alone”. Some bodies of believers and individual believers navigated this differently, but in reflection I isolated myself quite a bit. My entire Christian walk was impacted.
      I have been in a mutually accountable relationship in the past, and to the contrary of my isolation, it helped me to grow in faith and deed.

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      I am constantly trying to go it alone. Even working in a Christian ministry, it can be lonely. It always makes the struggle greater. I actually had an accountability relationship with a student that led to major changes in my growth.

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      Yes, I struggled. My marriage and children. We grow and strengthen each other in our faith

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      There have been times where I may be struggling with something and I don’t share it with others except for God. What I have experienced is that when I can share it with someone else walking as a Christian here on earth (ex: my Husband), I now have another person praying for me and able to provide mutual accountability. My Husband and I are each other’s main accountability partners. When we actively stay on top of this, it continues to grow our relationship. Sometimes we can frustrate one another while holding each other accountable, but in the end, we are always grateful when we do.

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      Our Daily Bread
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