Name one creative idea you learned from this lesson about how to pray for others.

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      By writing their names on cards and shuffling through them as I pray.

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      The one creative idea that I will begin to do is to keep a written prayer lists of people and their situations and pray for them.

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      The creative idea I learned today is writing the persons name down on index cards, then I can store them alphabetically in a recipe box, or make a spreadsheet. Then there will be room to write down the praise report.

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      Sometimes the needs of others weigh so heavily on our heart that we remember them through the day and pray for them.
      Some people have a list of those they pray for that they can look at anywhere
      Others use a journal or a church bulletin or directory.
      Some start with their immediate family and then work outward to their church and missionaries and school or work.
      Some pray by simply glancing at others wherever they are and asking God to bless them.
      Some use pictures of those they’re praying for, others place their names on cards and shuffle through them

      All of these are great creative ways to pray for others. I normally use a journal or when someone comes to mind I pray for them. I may glance at a person, in person or see a picture and I’m prompted to pray for them.

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      Keeping connection to people whom I prayed. Following up as thier story changes for the better.

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      Over the years, I learn to pray for others wherever they are by asking God to bless them. I may come across that person/stranger in need in the newspaper, the church bulletin, or while driving to/fro home and office.

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      Having a picture of the person I want to pray for – usually I just use their names but it would be great to have a picture of them too.

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      Writing names on cards and shuffling through them. I don’t do well with pictures, but I do like lists, and this is a way of randomizing a list so that God can put them in the order that He would like me to pray for others.

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      When they are laid upon my heart by the Holy Spirit and they come to mind, I take that as a nudging by the Holy Spirit to uplift them in prayer rather l know the specifics or not and may reach out to them to see how they are doing.

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      Pray their requests before mine

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