Now that you know the difference between spiritual direction and spirituial friendship, which do you think God is calling you to do? Explain your answer.

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      MARIE G.

      I believe God is calling me to do spiritual direction. I would like to gently guide someone in their journeying reality, this is my goal to be Christian Counselor. But I also like spiritual friendships, a place where you can feel free to be yourself, a place where you can laugh, share and and have fun with friends. I would feel that I would like a balance of both, spiritual direction and spiritual friendship.

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      I believe God is calling me to both. I am probably more drawn to spiritual friendship, but I also think direction often happens as a result of that.

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      Both – I am a a spiritual friend to the community I am planted, and a spiritual director to the sheep entrusted to me.

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      I do want to help people strengthen their relationship to God. I enjoy others and have a deep compssion for their needs. I think I can make a good spiritual friend by the grade of God, helping each other come alive in our relationship with God.

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      I think God is calling me to spiritual friendship. I enjoy learning and talking with people, not necessarily being the source of information or sole provider of insight. I love when the power of the Holy Spirit ignites during a conversation or small group and I’m not thinking of the right thing to say or do, just leaning into the excitement of what God can and will do.

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      Our Daily Bread
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