Of the six worldviews listed, which two are most alike? Which two are the most dissimilar? Explain.

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      I think that Judaism and Christianity are the most alike. Both believe in one God and both believe in a Messiah.
      I think Christianity and Nihilism are most dissimilar. They are totally opposite of each other.

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      I would say that monotheism is quite dissimilar to naturalism. Monotheism says that there was a creator of all life and matter while naturalism denies that and says that matter developed into life forms by time, the right conditions, and random chance. At least naturalism tries to form a constructive argument claiming to be science. Nihilism and existentialism seem to come from a heart of darkness that denies God and demands that man construct his own place and destiny. Both nihilism and existentialism seem to come from a heart of rebellion and personal hatreds.

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      Cody Underwood

      Judaism and Christianity seem to have quite a few similar characteristics. Christianity is incredibly dissimilar to Nihilism, basically, every main tenet of Christianity opposes what Nihilism stands for.

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      Judaism and Christianity are very similar in that they believe in the same God, same scriptures and that a Messiah will rescue us from our sin. The Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah and are still waiting for the Messiah.
      Christianity is very dissimilar to Nihilism. Christians believe in a God who is totally involved with every believer interacting in their lives via the Holy Spirit. Nihilism believes there is no authority or moral principles. Christians trust in God’s word and promises and believes they are true now and forever while a Nihilist refutes and is skeptical about any positive truths or values.

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      Monotheism and Naturalism is the most different; Monthesim believes that God created and involved in the universe, where naturalism believes as Carl Sagan said, “The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.”
      Nihilism and existentialism is the most similar as nihilism believes objective truth is to be questioned or dismissed and existentialism says life has no objective meaning.

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      Monotheism and Pantheism are somewhat the same because they both recognize a source of authority as basis.

      monotheism and Nihilism to me are very dissimilar.

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      Judaism and Christianity are most alike.

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      Monotheism and Nihilism are the least alike to me. The first with absolute Truth from God and the other where there is no truth and positive objectives. I think the two that are similar are Nihilism and Existentialism because they both lead to lack of truth and objective meaning.

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      Nihilism and Monotheism seem to be the most dissimilar, as nihilism rejects any form of truth and authority, and monotheism absolutely includes that.

      The two most alike are monotheism and deism because both include God as a creator.

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      Monotheism and deism both acknowledge one god.

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      Monotheism and Deism share some similarity with the belief in that there is a God that’s played a role in creating the world around us. Adversely, it appears that exhistentialism and monotheism differ pretty drastically, especially within the realm of to what role there is to be found in the creation and meaning of life.

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      Monotheism and Deism are alike having a sovereign God.

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      The two most alike to me are deism and monotheism due to both of them having one sovereign God. The two most unalike would be monotheism and really any other worldview.

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      Monotheism and Deism both acknowledge a God. Monotheism and Existentialism are quite different in that Existentialism argues there is no inherent meaning to life where a Monotheistic world view would argue there absolutely is meaning if a God is in control.

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      Joel Haywood

      Nihilism and Existentialism are alike because they remove the importance of objective truth. Pantheism and monotheism are different because one is one god the other is everything is a god.

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      Existentialism and Nihilism are most alike.
      Pantheism and Monotheism are the most dissimilar.

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      Monotheism and Deism are the most alike because both have central beliefs in one God.
      Monotheism and Existentialism would be the most different because monotheists believe that there is purpose in life that comes from one God while existentialists don’t believe there is a God and there’s no real purpose in life.

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      Deism and Monotheism because they both believe one god created the universe.
      Monotheism and Existentialism are the most different because monotheists believe there is a purpose of life and existentialists believe life is meaningless

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      I would say that Monotheism and Deism are the most alike in that they both assert that there is a Creator God. The difference lies in his involvement in his creation. Is he a personal God or a distant god? The two that are most dissimilar in my view would be Monotheism and Nihilism. In monotheism purpose and identity are derived from an active sovereign God whereas in a nihilistic worldview, nothing actually has a set purpose and there is no objective truth and so the individual derives meaning from whatever they please and they also set whatever standard for truth they please.

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      Naturalism/ Existentialism & Christianity/ Nihilism

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      Katelyn Thornton

      I think Deism and monotheism are very similar because they believe in a single God who created the world. The difference is how the Lord interacts with the world he created.

      The two that are the most different would probably be existentialism and monotheism. Really, existentialism and anything else could be the most dissimilar, because if you are an existentialist, you see the world as meaningless objectively, and anything you find significance in is from within.

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      The most similar worldviews are Monotheism and Deism because they both believe in one God creating the world at the beginning and operating in and through creation. There are great differences between the higher powers, but they are alike in those ways.

      The most dissimilar would be Christianity and Nihilism. Christianity reveals ways the world began, its purpose, and guides us on how to treat others and our culture. It addresses serious ntense purpose and meaning to life questions of the soul.

      Nihilism seeks to prove that life is meaningless, and is a rejection of all religious principles and values. It deems us no greater than the animals.

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      The most similar worldviews would be Monotheism and Deism because they both share the core belief in one God creating the world at the beginning and that we are creations of God and everything on Earth was created by God. They differ in their views of God and the impact of God in the day to day life of people and the earth. They also differ in views on the purposes of God, but both share a foundation of a belief in a world created by God.

      The most dissimilar would be Monotheism and Nihilism. Monotheism shows an intense purpose and meaning to life- being created by God and designed by God, whereas Nihilism is a complete rejection of everything that Monotheism is believing in. Nihilism seeks to prove that life is meaningless, and is a rejection of all religious principles and values.

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      Jordan Lozzi

      The two most a like are Monotheism and Deism both believing in one higher power but very different on that higher powers intentions and ability to engage with its surrounding creation. Nihilism and Existentialism because nihilism seems to basically reject everything while existentialism seeks to find some meaning in everything.

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      Of the six worldviews listed, the two most like are Judaism and Christianity. Both believes in one God and that God is an external spirit who brought our material world into existence.
      The two most dissimilar worldviews are Christianity and Naturalism. The Naturalist does not believe that there is a Creator but rather believes that matter is all that exists and the best way of exploring truth is through the scientific method.

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      I would feel like Nihilism and Existentialism are most alike. Both of them would deny the existence of God all together and in a lot of ways try to find meaning in life through rebelling against the ways in which people have traditionally viewed the world. The two which are most dissimilar would be Monotheism and Nihilism. One would view the world from the perspective that God is creator and involved at a high level while the other would see God as nonexistent and any values that come from Him are baseless.

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      Nihilsm =nothing would be off from just about any that can see God in experience like Deism or Pantheism that sees God through everything.

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      Our Daily Bread
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