Of the ten rules discussed in this lesson, which stood out most to you? How can you apply it practically in your marriage?

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      Alex ow yong

      Listen, Listen, Listen. Active listening is very effective & the best is to speak less and listen more. A six-inch tongue can kill a six-footer man.

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      Number 7 Focus on the future stood out most to me. I think applying this principle will help to focus on solutions and communication.

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      One rule that seems very strong is to actively listen and don’t be thinking about what you are going to say but listen. Listen more and speak less.

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      What stood out more is the need to continue listening without thinking of a response and repeating what you thought they said in a way to clarify. Wonderful must achieve step!

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      Out of the ten rules, the one that stood out to me was rule number nine, be brief. My sweet husband is very patient but I tend to go into great details about issues in our life and I lose him early on in the conversation which causes me frustration and him to be confused. I believe applying the bullet point statement that was suggested will be effective in better communication between us.

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      Our Daily Bread
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