One of the major causes for spiritual failure is the neglect of developing the “spiritual disciplines.” Which of the disciplines do you have the greatest trouble developing? Have you had greater success at one time versus another?

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      I dont neglect time with god or prayer. However time with god and prayer can add up to not much if it is not truely invested. What i mean is ,sometimes I pray and it is half hearted. I mean it but it is not totally dedicated. I am running around fast and dont stop to listen to god nor communicate properly with him.

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      It is hard to pick one as I have at one time or another negleted all, but reading the Bible and spending quiet time with God. Life gets so busy and crazy that when I go to sit and rest, I find myself picking up a adventure novel rather than The Bible.

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      Always i struggle with discipline of reading a Bible everyday in sequence and praying at the midnight, but i have succeeded in fasting prayers, intercession and preaching, but I see progressive too in prayer at midnight.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      I struggle with the discipline of studying and memorizing scripture. There have been seasons where this has been more of a fucus, but life can “get in the way,” and excuses abound.

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      Sadly, often times Bible reading can be a neglected spiritual discipline for me. I have greater success in the summer than during other season, but it is the quickest discipline to slip away. I’m a work in progress.

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      For me, it will be fasting. I have a hard time even thinking about it. I have success with prayer, but it is difficult to put my thoughts into words at times. But I do remember to pray. Fasting does not even come into my mind. I have a great example in my husband for he does it well. That is when I actually think about it. I am trying hard to actually do it when I think about it.

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      Starting out it was prayer, not knowing what to pray or finding time to pray. I am developing much success in my prayer life

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      Prayer is honestly hard for me. My own voice gets too loud. I get too whiny. I get too needy. I do best when I “Be still and know that I am God.”

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      I believe that when I neglect my prayer life, this is the area I have the greatest trouble developing. There have been times where I have thrived at this and these times tend to be at my lower points. I need to be in much better communication and communion with God when things here are on Earth are comfortable and easy going.

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      Our Daily Bread
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