One of the themes we see in 1 and 2 Chronicles is that of worship. What is the importance of worship? How do you worship God?

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      The importance of worship is it changes our hearts. As we turn our eyes, our hearts, to Him we see He is greater than ourselves. I worship by studying scripture, singing songs about His glory and faithfulness, and by being in silence and solitude with Him. I find I have to stop my mind in order to truly worship the Lord. stop to where I feel my heart, and feel His presence.

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      Worship Is Important because it gives God’s people an opportunity , to get to know him in His Glory, on a personal level. I worship God by entering into His Temple and assembling amongst other Christians, for the Word say our inheritance is amongst those that are sat apart for the Master’s use(GOD), so in the House of God so to speak ,that’s is why He allowed Solomon to build the Temple so that it would represent a seating ,dwelling place for the Spirit of GOD so that the priest could enter in and seek the Lord for His people.

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      Worship is so important because it shows the stance of your heart and where your trust and hope rely in. The Chronicles shows the various levels of Judah’s kings and their leadership of worship with the Israelites. Some were good kings and built the Temple, enforced the Temple tax, and got rid of high places, while others did the exact opposite. We can worship God in many ways, whether with music and congregational service, or how we treat and show the love of God/Christ to others in our day to day lives. We live in a daily place of calling, no matter where we are, and we are to worship God in whatever situation we are in.

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