Our Bible study proclaims that we act hypocritically because we still want to rebel against God. Do you agree that this is this the root of our hypocrisy? How should we respond when we act this way?

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      WE are by nature sinful and unclean. We are born and the first word we express is no. Because We are being changed day by day with and because of Christ, we can still and are probably hypocritical and very easily look that way to unbelievers..

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      As human beings we were born into sin so as a result it is within expectations that we would come to rebel against God to some point. When we start to act hypocritically towards God we must change our mindset and be willing to accept that we may not be perfect but through Christ we can right our wrong and be renewed in Christ.

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      Yes I do and we should turn to repentance when we act this way

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      As we are fallen and born into sin we are naturally rebellious against our God. Not that we plan to be that way no more than a child wakes up in the morning and ponders who to frustrate their parents. But, just like the remorseful child who was loved unconditionally and forgiven, we too need to ask God for forgiveness and go back to Him when we do act out against him.

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      Karla Joy

      Yes I agree. We have an internal struggle, with wanting to do the “right thing” and then rebelling. Sometimes we are rebelling ( justifying ourselves and our sins) and not even realize that we are, and to the extent in which we are. I believe it all comes down to the very active presence of our sin nature in our hearts. Sin is pleasurable. It’s easy to praise God and then walk in our own way. However, God won’t let us do it for long. He will get our attention in order to get us to examine ourselves and our relationship with Him. God loves us, and we are not worthy. I believe we have to seek forgiveness daily and truly have repentant hearts , we have to come to Honesty. Are we honestly asking God to search our hearts and show us our sins? We have to be honest about our faults, our thoughts and deeds. We can sin in our spirit – and I think we have to really get honest and truthful with God. We are not good. We don’t deserve anything God gives us. Time and again He forgives us. I believe He truly does love us, no matter how much we sin. But if we are going to get in right relationship with God, it’s time to be truthful about our relationship with Him. Are we willing to give up any pleasures to seek a Holy life? I believe we have to pray and seek help from God everyday in order to overcome. Otherwise, we just simply can’t do anything on our own. We’re not even capable of taking a breath on our own, we need God.

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      I do agree. We don’t want to let anyone control us. I think we do rebel against God because of the control we think He will have on us. But this “control” we think He will have is not to remove our free will or to ply us with endless rules that will keep us from having fun in life. His “control” is based on His great love and grace and mercy for us. Time and again in Scripture, He said He wouldn’t tolerate sin from His people. But He always kept His love for them first and extended grace and mercy. His “control” is His undeserved love for us. I will take that over any sin any day.

      We should recognize our sin and call it what it is. Not that we should beat ourselves upon for it, but to see our lack of trust in our God that loves us so much and turn from sin and back into a trusting relationship with God. He wants a relationship with us, but it has to be with the right heart. We have to want Him more than we want our own way.

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      Our Daily Bread
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