Over the years of our Christian experience, God has brought to our attention a lot of our weaknesses that we can improve. What has He improved in your experience?

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      He has improved not only who I am but what I think feel and understand.

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      What he has improved was that I need not do things so that everyone notices me. IN other words I do not need to be popular. Now, a lot of times, I do not want the recognition, for I know my reward is in heaven and if God sees, then I am pleased

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      Over my years of Christian experience, God brought me to realization that I needed to be healed from deep hurts. Those unhealed places were the root cause of bitterness which stagnated my relationship with God and others. I’m humbly grateful for the change! 😇

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      God has revealed in me a need for man’s approval and a tendency to strive, to focus too much on works, and a sense of pride. He continues to mold me.

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      God improved me that i have washed and cleaned from all iniquities to live humbleness and faithful life to him,and i believe to show other people his goodness.

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      God certainly does refine us! In my years of Christian experience, God has improved my need to seek approval from others. If I’m following the Lord and His word, His approval is all that matters. 🙂

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      He has improved my spirit of comparison. I tend to compare myself and always come up as not enough. But Jesus has been working with me and I know I am doing better realizing I am more than enough for him.

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      I have improved in my willingness to be disciplined. I always had faith, but seek it more earnestly now.

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      He has shown me that it is important to humble myself. To really make myself less than those around me. He bought me to a private Christian school to teach (which I never saw for myself! I always thought I would be at a public school forever teaching larger numbers of students.)which has allowed me to focus on being more relational with my students and has given me opportunities to be vulnerable for them about my own testimony and life experiences.

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      Over the years of my Christian experience God has improved my way of living. What i choose to watch on television, what type of music I listen to, giving up alcohol and smoking, separating from the evil things of the world. To this day I am still learning and God is still improving other areas of my life.

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      Our Daily Bread
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