People don’t develop into spiritually mature persons by doing what comes naturally. What are the steps to follow in becoming spiritually mature?

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      I believe the steps to follow in becoming spiritually mature, first we should read a word of God, good relationship with God, praying every day spiritually (in unknown tongue or new tongue)testifying the good news of Jesus christ, love each other, gathering with other spiritually believe to study the word of God and worship.

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      To be spiritually mature you need to first spend time with God, both in prayer and in His Word. Next is to spend a good amount of time in prayer and finally to surround yourself with those who believe as you do. And also, to have courage

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Spiritual maturity comes with practicing discipline, including making time to connect with God through His Word and in prayer, engaging in Christian community, and intentionally having discipling relationships with those who are further along in their faith journey (as well as those “younger” in their faith.)

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      Discipline does not come naturally, but we can learn it by integrating habits. Prayer, Bible reading, journaling, hospitality, church attendance or fellowship are some of the habits we need to form to be spiritually disciplined. To me, Bible reading is a must.

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      Some steps to follow to grow in spiritual maturity include:
      -Intentionally spending time with the Lord through prayer and diving into the Bible
      – Being in community with other believers
      -Having accountability in place

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      Developing a disciplined life that springs from the roots of a heart seeking holiness. If our discipline is just rules, we will constantly arch our neck against it. We must sink our roots into the Truth that God gives us through scripture.

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      Prayer, reading the Bible and having an accountability partner

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      According to “Waiting for the Second Coming” by Ray Stedman, he says that “If you have true faith, if you have love born of the Spirit, and if you have hope in the coming of Christ, you will be motivated to live as you ought today.” I believe that his statement here clearly establishes the basis for pursuing spiritual maturity. Additionally, all of the content that has been covered in this course gives each individual piece of what it means to follow Christ and how pursuing those things will allow us to grow in our spiritual maturity.

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      Our Daily Bread
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