Prior to studying this lesson, had you had any previous experience studying hermeneutics or exegesis? If so, describe that experience. If not, what is your first impression of hermeneutics and exegesis? Do you see these as valuable pursuits? Why or why not?

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      This is my first time. I think it is valuable because it will help me better explain things to my students

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      I was fortunate in 1985 / 1986 God directed me to a Pentecostal church/who had Sunday school before church service., the pastor and leaders taught us well; this included hermeneutics and exegesis. Yes, hermeneutics and exegesis is valuable pursuit today so we can better understand the passage and to be able to apply the Word of God to our personal situation and life.

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      I have studied passages of the Bible by looking at the overall text and and tried to see the context in which the text was written in order to get a better understanding of the passage. In that respect, I have used hermeneutical and exegetical techniques before I knew what the official terms were.

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      As someone who teaches history and studies documents, I have an understanding of hermeneutics. Although I must say not nearly at this level of analysis. However very valuable to understand the meaning of a passage and its application.

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      I have read a book about hermeneutics. Mostly I remember asking three questions:

      What does it say?
      What does it mean?
      What does it mean to me?

      This was helpful because it stopped me from trying to interpret the text based on my current culture. However, just as I struggled understanding these “criticisms” before I still struggle now. Something in my mind is not grasping it. So I will have to keep trying.

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      This study is the first time I have been introduced to the words “hermeneutics” or “exegesis”. However, I believe I have applied them in my own personal studies. My goal in any study is to enter the text and find it’s meaning, not only historically, but personally. I often take the hermeneutics I receive through the teaching of pastors and other leaders and use them to further dive into the Word. These are absolutely valuable pursuits because the more we push into God’s Word, the closer we get to Him.

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      Stuart Judge

      From the standpoint of actual study of the terms, this lesson is the first exposure. From the standpoint of taking part in hermeneutics and exegesis, I have been in the midst of such activity as a teacher for many years. In my role, I have been seeking to provide counsel and guidance to my students. I have questioned how we take singular verses of the Bible and interpret them out of context, leading me to dig deeper into the Bible to try to find appropriate and meaningful interpretation to relate to may students. A reliable and authentic interpretation will hold more meaning to students in application to their specific experiences, hopefully grounding them in a better relationship with God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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