Ravi Zacharias reflected on his mother’s death with these words: “And I remember thinking on my knees that she was gone; she was gone. And I felt the Lord saying to me, ‘Why don’t you complete the thought: gone where?’ She had come to know the Lord some years before and was a beautiful Christian. I completed it—the Lord completed it for me, ‘She’s not just gone; she’s gone home.’ “And as an itinerant traveler where half of my life has been spent on the road—I’ve seen all the world’s best waterfalls and all the world’s most beautiful snowcapped mountains—there’s no place like opening the door and stepping into your home. And if my earthly home brings me that kind of joy, I think words would deny me the privilege of describing my heavenly home.” What are the characteristics of a home that make it so comforting to people in this life? Why is “home” a wonderful analogy to heaven? What comfort does this bring? Why?

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      Home is where we feel safe, safe from harm both physicalyy and mentally. It is a place that brings us comfort knwoing all the people there are family and people who love me no matter what

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      Some of the characteristics of home that make it so comforting to people in this life include familiarity, the impact on the senses, and the feelings that it brings (if home is a “good” place). If home fits the criteria for a “good home”, a person might feel comforted by thinking of this as an analogy for heaven because it is a place of happiness, comfort, safety, and joy. The comfort that it could bring is the idea of going back to a place that they love and are familiar with.

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      I think its because we feel safe the place where we going to live forever it’s belongs to us who chooses to believe him and follow him as saviour that place has no sorrow, death, sickness it’s the hope home much better than we have now and desirable to each one.

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      Home is a safe haven. It brings joy because it is what you know and love. Going to heaven is going toward what you love and toward what is good and comfortable. Going home to heaven is going to be with who and what you love most. Jesus

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      Home is such a great analogy if you grew up in a loving, Godly home. Home represents fun, laughter, security, and comfort etc. Which we should experience in our heavenly home but it will be even better.

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      For some people its just laying down with the family and watching a movie, others it could be that sleeping in a bed, or even playing a game. Because heaven will be perfect we will be with Jesus and be able to talk to Him and hear all of His stories. We will be a peace were there is no sin, no corruption, no sadness just joy of being with Christ.

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      The people that you live with, the style you like, and A/C and heat. We know it is a place that we are going to spend the rest of our lives in. I know that in heaven we will be free of everything that hurts us.

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      I think it’s because we feel safe, it belongs to us and has our mark on it. It separates us from the rest of the world and gives us a place to rest. It brings us hope of a home much better than we have now. It brings hope of something so much better than this life

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