Ravi Zacharias stated, “Only God could give us eternal life because only God is eternal. God is uncaused; He is non-dependent. The reason for His being is in Himself. But …the reason for our being is not in ourselves. God has given to us life. . . . He brought us into being…. He then offers us the eternal life of the future, which is both quality and life that does not cease to be given to us by God Himself.” What is the significance of God being eternal and not being caused by anything? How does this relate to the immortality of the human?

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      If God was not eternal then we would not be eternal. If we were not eternal then what is the point of living, especially we are all just going to die and not exist.

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      God is eternal, he was not created, God was always there. The significance us that God will never die, he will always be. This related to us because as believers our physical body will perish but our personality and spirit will live on forever with God.

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      If God created himself, He can do anything He wants to, which means He can make himself eternal. Since God made us, He can do whatever he wants to do with us. He give us to the choice to believe in Him so we can live eternally too.

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      He is our almighty God who created and made everything. We are supposed follow out his commandments and laws that he has given us,a nd we are supposed to lead others to Christ so one day all can be in heaven one day.

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