Ray Bolin said, “You pick a rock out of a stream bed, and it’s got little chisels and chips in it, an archaeologist would be able to come along and tell you whether that was done with a purpose, intelligently to make an arrowhead or some other stone tool, or whether it’s just the forces of water and rocks acting together. We can tell the difference between something which is intelligently designed and something that is not.” If this is the case, why do you think so many scientists look at design in creation and deny a Creator?

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      Scientist want to see a definite answer to their questions. They don’t want to trust anything to faith. They cannot conduct an experiment that completely proves the existence of God and show God’s specific “fingerprint” therefore they want to find their own answers. Also, it is the enemy’s deception that blinds their minds to the truth.

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      They are trained to submit evidence that can be explained. They do not consider the inexplicable that requires faith.

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      Because they want rock solid proof, something they can touch and see. Isn’t that what science is? They see or touch God which makes its that much easier to deny God’s existence

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      Scientists by nature are people who seek to find answers to questions that can be explained. They want and tend to believe in things that they have seen, studied, and know….instead of having faith in the unexplainable. If they claim to believe in an Intelligent Designer, they might fear that their knowledge, and study if valued less.

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      Some scientists have come up with the millions of years of evolution to explain how things evolved to what we have today. They would rather believe that than admit creation came about by our Creator. But that still doesn’t explain how the beginning came to be. Something or someone had to create what was in the beginning. Even if the big bang were true, who created the universe to which the big bang happened?

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      Scientists are just people. If they recognize that there is a creator they are inherently recognizing their need for a savior. This puts them in a spot that lacks control. So just like any other human would they want to protect themselves by denying a creator.

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